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Aristotle had a theory that revolved around balance; the Golden Mean. It was the concept that all extremes had a counter part, the middle of both being the strongest and most even source of power. In other words, bad is bad but too much of a good thing can also be bad. He used this concept to explain why spirits could possess humans.

He used this concept to explain why Gods could briefly touch humans without their immense power destroying everything just by being present. He used it to explain why supernatural magic was something humans could use at all.

The result? An enormous source of magic.

Aristotle produced magical blueprints of a vessel for magic based around this concept. He took it with him even in death. They were not revealed again until many centuries later by a nameless philosopher who claimed to be distantly related to Aristotle. This piece is the result of Aristotle's concept. It holds an enormous amount of magic. It remembers all magic that passes through it so it can be used again at a later date.

As it is on its own, it can be used to locate and absorb other magics, which, as it passes through this piece, can be neutralized. The result being magic you have complete control over. This piece can also be used to help other items become easier to use.

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