Meet Jane, the Angel of Death
Meet Jane, the Angel of Death
Meet Jane, the Angel of Death

Meet Jane, the Angel of Death

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Spoiler Alert!!  Jane Toppan was NOT an angel.  She is called the Angel of Death because she was a nurse that took care of very many people.  She was beloved and was joyful in her job.  She just has a fixation with killing people.  Having said that, her fixation was a little more than a fixation.  Despite the fact that never came forward with the details of her killings there was a reason why she was doing it.  It wasn't for the sheer joy of murder.  She never once said that enjoyed seeing people die.  She did make the comment that she holds no remorse for the murders that she committed and was eventually sent to an insane asylum, however, she never said she enjoyed them.  The reason why she never revealed the reason why she never admitted the reason why she killed her patients is that she thought people would think she was crazy.  Ironically, she spent the last of her days locked away in an asylum.  
The piece that we have reveals the true nature of why Jane Toppan killed all those people.  In short, when she was living in her foster home she was visited by an entity called the Spirit of Fate.  The spirit of fate spirit of fate explained to her that since Jane was born with natural psychic abilities that's was why she was chosen.  They needed a mortal to fulfill an earthbound duty.  This duty was to sacrifice 31 mortal bodies.  It was a purge that was necessary to balance out the powers of the universe, but it had to be done by a mortal in order to not cause interference by an immortal entity, which could have possibly made things worse.  In exchange for her service, she would receive as many powers as people that she killed.  I will say that Jane had trouble coming to terms with what she was asked to do, but was promised the ability to fulfill the lifelong dream she always had of belonging to a family that actually loved her instead of her parents not being around and being raised by a foster mother that hated her mere existence.  
So, needless to say, she carried out the 31 murders.  These murders were done in the most humane way possible-- by lethal injection of morphine and later on rat poison.  Although Jane insists that she felt no remorse for what she had done, her actions say otherwise.  Often she would kill a person and climb into bed with the person she had just murdered and hold them or kiss them on the face until they died.  To me, this would be remorse, but Jane was determined to get the life she dreamed of and that is exactly what she did.  One of her 31 powers was the ability to create an alternate reality for herself where she could go to live a fulfilled life while leaving the shell of her former self in the mental asylum to rot.  As I said, I'm not going to condone murder, but I get why she did it.  
So what does all this have to do with Haunted Curiosities?  Well, we held a conjuring to contact the soul of Jane Pottan.  We petitioned for her to allow us to create a piece with her 31 one powers as a way to explain to people what she did and why she did it.  She was a bit hesitant, but eventually, we got her to making this piece.  The piece that we have made holds the 31 abilities that Jane was granted, which she was allowed to carry with her in her alternate life.  The first ability that was given, I have already told you, but I will relist it anyway just so nobody gets confused.  
Here they go: 
1.)  The ability to create an alternate existence, for which you can create all the details, to which you can come and go freely
2.)  Spiritual healing
3.)  Abundance in Wealth
4.)  Abundance in Health
5.)  Abundance in Romantic Love
6.)  Zodiac Magic
7.)  Cosmic Magic
8.)  Time Travel
9.)  Discernment
10.) The ability to hear people's thoughts 
11.) The ability to control people's thoughts
12.) The ability to summon the elements of the Earth
13.) The ancient keys of Asteroth
14.) Spiritual Duplicity
15.) The ability to speak the language of Tongues, to communicate with the dead
16.) The Flame of the Holy Fire
17.) The sword of Michael for Protection
18.) The ability to conjure entities
19.) The ability to conjure and call upon spirits
20.) The Ancient Rites of Moses
21.) The ability to open Constellar Doors
22.) Spell Casting
23.) Astral Travel
24.) The Conjuring of the Solomonic Djinn
25.) Charm and Seduction
26.) White Light Manifestation
27.) The ability to call upon the forces of nature, such as nymphs, dryads, fairies, etc.
28.) The ability to call upon the Fates
29.) Sexual Supremacy of Lilith
30.) Physical Beautification
31.) Oracle Powers to See the Future

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