Meet Mohammad

Meet Mohammad

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The transformation that we are offering this time around is unprecedented.  Never before has something like this been offered, because this magic is brand new.  In fact, this magic is only two years old. We have been developing it since finding it during an investigation in the Middle East.  We received the whereabouts of this piece during a pilgrimage to the Kaaba. While we were there Deedee received a vision from the Black Stone.  To paraphrase the vision, time froze. It was during this time that the skies opened up and Deedee was able to see through the Seven Heavens to look upon the Face of Allah and Mohammed.  

The Black Stone spoke to her and gave her specific instructions on how to find an “earth-shattering” magical ability.  After the vision, we ourselves on a journey in Central Africa. We discovered a series of underground cave networks that were built by King Solomon during his time in the desert.  He did this with the power of djinn he had conjured. While we were there we found a golden tablet with ancient writing. We took this tablet with us. The magic from the Tablet is what allowed us to develop this transformation.

This transformation is more geared toward those of Muslim faith, although anybody can do it.  During this transformation, you will receive a spiritual alteration that will allow you to travel through the Seven Heavens.  Each of the Seven Heavens is comprised of a different spiritual compound and essence. Each of these essences contains 10 secrets.  These are called the Secrets of the Hand because they were each hidden there by Allah. They are secrets of the Universe that only Allah knows and that only Allah can reveal to you.  In total there are 70 secrets and each of the secrets will grant you metaphysical magic that you will be able to manifest into the mortal realm. I know that this seems brief, but we can’t really divulge too much information.  It is really reserved for those of you who decide to have the transformation.  

Once you have traveled through each of the Seven Heavens and you have received the 70 Secrets of the Hand, you will be given the ability to come face to face with both Allah and the Holy Prophet Mohammad.  They will be standing in front of you as if you were standing in front of any other person you see on a normal basis. You will be able to converse with them and to say anything that you want to say. This is a continual ability that travels with you even after your transformation is complete.  

The price of this transformation is steep, but you must understand that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Seldom is somebody offered the opportunity that we are offering you! There is so much money in the Middle East being allocated to fund terrorism so that way you can control the world.  Why not reallocate those funds to this transformation. Looking upon the faces of the two most powerful figures in the Muslim pantheon and they have the ability to grant life-changing abilities, which they will do for you when you undergo this transformation. 

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