Merlin's Draconic Offspring of Dual Sorcery
Merlin's Draconic Offspring of Dual Sorcery
Merlin's Draconic Offspring of Dual Sorcery

Merlin's Draconic Offspring of Dual Sorcery

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Everything that you've ever known about Merlin the Magician was probably created of fabricated by somebody else. I'm not saying he didn't exist, because he was an actual person who did actual magic. However, there is a lot that has been added over the year. Some call him good, others call him evil. Most don't take into account that good and evil can exist in all of us simultaneously. It's called duality and if you believe in some sort of higher power, there's almost always a struggle to maintain a degree of white light in a world that has been disarrayed with selfish ambition and dark magic.

Just like any other person would, the immortal Merlin struggled with his duality his entire existence. He has since been sent to the spiritual realms, but he lived on Earth for thousands of years taking many forms in the process. He wasn't always that beloved or hated wizard with long white hair and a long white beard that taught King Arther all the magic he'd ever known to help him become King of Camelot.

Rather, he has taken more modest roles, especially in more recent times. He would appear a pretty normal human being, despite the fact that no matter what form he took, he'd always have a birthmark on his hip. This was to signify that he was born of a dark power delivered to a coven of witches by Satan. He is Satan's direct offspring, but on the other hand, he is God's servant and has been given many forms of magic that would never be given to any mortal. He is a complete paradox and is the perfect example of duality and dual magic. It doesn't get much better than that.

During the 1400s, Merlin made two entities out of two rocks that he found while he was traveling in the desert. He had grown tired of being alone, so he wanted companions. They were two very small dragons that would grow to be extremely powerful, but their presence would never be divulged to the public. The dragons grew to become very powerful. So powerful in fact that Merline began carrying them around in the form of amulets around his neck. One was black one was white.

They both brought Merlin an insane amount of wealth, which is how he was able to survive. More importantly, each of the dragons held a full knowledge of all of Merlin's magic. The black amulet dragon held all of the dark and black magic of his roots and his Luciferian bloodline. The white amulet dragon held all the powers and knowledge of all the white magic that Merlin had ever known, including the powers in the Christ Bloodline. Together these dragons were virtually unstoppable, their power was enough to quench the thirst of even the most curious magician, sage, or sorcerer.

Upon his physical death and metamorphosis into the spiritual realms, which wasn't all that long ago, Merlin decided he was going to take his pet dragons with him. He has managed to keep them a secret this long, he wouldn't dare place the in hands of somebody for whom he has no trust. However, wanting to leave behind a legacy of his own, he allowed his pet dragons to create an offspring together. The result is a dragon that is like Merlin himself. It is dual in nature holding all the knowledge of dark and light that the eyes of Merlin has ever seen and the hands of Merlin has ever practiced. The dragonling was set into the form of a stone. This stone was then taken and used to create a very powerful ring. The ring itself is the sole surviving magic that has been created by the hands of the almighty sorcerer, Merlin.  It is sterling silver with garnet and an Argentinian rhodochrosite stone-- 20.64 carats to be exact!   

When you have this ring, you also own the dragonling that was created by Merlins two dragons. It is his last known legacy on Earth. Although the dragon is not that old in terms of immortal entities, it is extremely powerful because it was born Merlin's Dragons who have been alive for hundreds of years.

This ring brings you not only extreme wealth in the same way that it was brought to Merlin, but brings you the knowledge that Merlin carried with him. This brings you both bloodlines-- Merlins Luciferian birthright and the Christ birthright that he acquired much later on. this ring is the presence and knowledge of all things white and dark and can literally be used to create any magic that you so desire.

I know that seems a bit vague in terms of what this piece can do for you, but the more appropriate question would be what can't this piece do for you? Well, it can't grant immortality. It can't ever make you more powerful than God. It will not allow you to cause the destruction of life or anything that God has created. Anything else you desire, this piece can and will do for you. You simply must consult the dragon and tell it your innermost desires and it will find a magic that will work for you. Oh, you don't ever have to ask the dragon for wealth, it does that automatically.

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