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This piece tells the tale of a very powerful entity who was first human and later became an angel called Metatron. It is one of the only times that such an event happens in the Bible. After Adam and Eve were evicted from the Garden of Eden, there were many children born to them. The most famous two are Cain and Abel. Cain also had many children, one of these children was named Enoch. Enoch was the father of Methuselah and so on and so forth.

In those times Enoch was the marked one of God and represented a revival of magic and holy power that would be given to the humankind. God saw Enoch as a very holy and revenant man, so he went to him in a vision and instructed him that he was the one that was going to be taking control of the Messiah's blood. He was to be transformed into a special kind of human with a special kind of blood. In modern times this blood type is called Rhesus (Rh) blood type. It is the rarest of the rare. This is because this blood type holds the livelihood of God. It holds the same Holy powers that he is capable of. It is His divine blood.

By having children Enoch passed this blood type down. It traveled through his descendants. It flowed through David and Solomon and was eventually the blood type of the Christ Child who came to save the world. It is the same blood type that Jesus gave to Mary Magdalene outside of the tomb. We recently listed a piece about that. This bloodline is still alive and blossoms on Earth today. The world has become such a defiled place that even those born with the Blood of Christ and of God don't even know that they are a special race. They might know that they have Rhesus blood, but even scientists are stunned and don't know where this new blood type has emerged from.

So, whatever happened to Enoch? He was taken to Heaven by God. The Bible says specifically that he "walked with God: and God took him; for he was no more." (Gen 5:21-24). Now, why after living or 365 years did God suddenly come down to Earth to walk with Enoch and to take him back to Heaven in his bodily form? This is because God had bigger plans for Enoch than even Enoch had for himself. As a repayment for continuing the Blood of Line of God that was taken away from Adam and Eve by the original sin, Enoch was given a holy transformation into Metatron. In doing this, Enoch was required to visit the Holy of Holies. This is not the Holy of Holies that has been established on Earth, rather it is the Holy of Holies that has been created with sacred numerology in Heaven. Through his visit to the Holy of Holies Enoch never died. He became the most powerful angel to ever exist in Heaven. He is the Celestial Scribe. He is the Recording Angel that records all things. He is the Voice of God.

Fast forward to present day and you will find the staff at Haunted Curiosities wrapped up in some clandestine manifestation of prophecy. It is not a prophecy that can be found in the Bible. It is one that is written in texts that older than that. Some portions of these texts have been found and not translated. Other portions of this text are still hidden. The prophecy states that descendant of Metatron, a Son of Man, shall return to the Holy of Holies, to receive the Blessing of the Names of God to usher in the Coming of Ages. Pretty deep stuff, right? So how did we get involved?

A few years back we had a new customer, ironically named David. He said it was alright to use his first name, or we wouldn't have even told you. He came to us telling us about these strange visions that he began having after purchasing a DNA Manifestation piece that we put on the website. These visions pretty much coincided with the ones that you would read about in the Book of Revelation. In addition that he kept on having a dream where his body turned into to some other form, with eyes like fire and voice that could reverberate so loudly that it shattered glass. He didn't approach right away. He waited a year or so until the visions got so vivid that they interfered with his daily life. He said he would leave his body unwillingly, being transferred to what he called "a holy shrine." Come to find out that the visions that he had been having were visions of Metatron and the transformation that he was seeing was his own. Eventually, we figured this out and used an angelic summoning piece to summon Metatron, through which he communicated with David.

In a twist of events, the piece actually ended up sending us God in his mortal. Thunder clapped and lightning flashed as he entered the world. Everything around us became total darkness and void. Our bodies became frozen in place and we were not able to look up to see the face of God, even in human form. There was a flash of bright light and when we looked up we were back in the room where had just prior existed with David. He was no longer there. We thought this was kind of strange, but you don't really mess with the will of God. We made a few phone calls to try and reach David's family to let them know what had happened, but they had no memory of him. It was as if he never existed in the first place. The story kept getting stranger and stranger.

About a week later, we were testing a piece in the office, when we were thrown into the void again. This time we were not frozen. We were approached by an angel with the face of our former customer David. There was a long drawn out conversation, but basically, it went like this: God took him to the Holy of Holies in his human form. He was given a transformation and had become an angel as powerful as Metatron. Prior to his transformation, he was wearing two pieces. One is the belt that you see pictured in this listing. The other is a man's ring that we do not currently have a picture for. These pieces were delivered to us and told that they are our reward for helping along his spiritual quest to become the second most powerful Angel in Heaven. He said the pieces did not hold any powers of His, instead, they hold the powers of the ancient Metatron. Again, these pieces have been to the Holy of Holies in Heaven and have been touched by the hands of the angel Metatron. As such, these pieces exhibit some of the most powerful, powerful magic that we have ever worked with

These powers begin by providing you the powers of the Recording Angel. This is probably the most unique and powerful magic that is in this piece. It allows you to spiritually become the Recording Angel. You will share the mind of Metatron who has seen all things and who knows all things. He knows all the secrets of the universe and there is no power that you will not be able to acquire with this knowledge-- even immortality. Remember when we said that it is rare that we offer a piece that grants immortality? Well, this is one of them. Just as Enoch was taken off in human form and given immortality by God to become the angel Metatron, you will also be given immortality if you want it. That's not all, though. This piece gives you the full knowledge of Metatron to create and use any power that you desire. His eyes have literally seen all things and history is recorded in him. You will also become recorded history with this piece, able to summon the knowledge that you want simply by thinking about it in your brain. For instance, if you want the knowledge of all pyramids, simply think about a pyramid and the knowledge will come to you. It will be like a flash of light and the knowledge will just be there. You won't have to learn it. You won't have to see it. You will just know it. Use this piece to create miracles. Use this piece to extract and bend the power of the Cosmic Lifeforce. Use this piece to create-- your own life forms, your own entities, your own angels, your own Heaven, etc.

In addition, this piece is one of the only pieces that allows you to look up and see the face of God. This is a direct connection to God and Metatron, who has the Christ seed, is able to look upon his face. As such, you will also be able to look upon his face. I can't really tell you what this might look like, because I have not seen it. All I can tell you is that when David returned to us he told us that the face of God is something so pacifying and yet so invigorating with powers and energy that he couldn't quite put it into words. He told us that God is the Universe and the Universe exists within him, but he still exists within the universe. It is something that we can't quite wrap our heads around ourselves, but with the powers of this piece, you will be able to manifest this knowledge and to look upon the face of God and to understand and be in unison with the purpose of life and the universe.

Finally, the powers in these pieces give you the Voice of God. What doe that mean? It means that you are able to speak with the authority of God. This will trump and go above and beyond all other forms of magic. You will be able to cancel all other magic with a simple thought form. You will be able to tell the dead to get up and walk around. It is similar to the way Jesus spoke with confidence in the Bible and told the lame to get up and walk. You will be able to speak things into and out of existence, just like God did on the first day when he spoke light into the void by saying, "Let there be light." Evil beings that lurk will turn and run from you. You will be able to vanquish them simply by saying the word "return". You have power and dominion over all things-- the land, the water, the sky, the elements, the stars, the planets, and the entirety of the universe. These are the things that have been given to Metatron. They are the things that have been given to David, who has also assumed his own angel name that we are not allowed to tell you, and they are the powers you will receive when wearing this piece.

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