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For those of you who live off the grid or, you know, under a rock or something, the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was a flight that was operated by Malaysia Airlines.  It's intended route began in Kuala Lumpur and was supposed to end Beijing. The flight never made it.


The flight was tracked and was communicating with Air Traffic Control for about 38 minutes after takeoff.  It was tracked through military radar for another hour. It is said that the trajectory of the plane deviated westward crossing the Malay Peninsula and the Andaman Sea.  It left radar range about 200 nautical miles northwest of Penang Island in Northwestern Malaysia.

Seems like it would just be a simple tragedy, right?  In fact, it as the largest tragedy of its kind to take place until 4 months later when another flight belonging to Malaysia Airlines also crashed.  The MH370 was different, though. There was no distress call. Nobody knew what was going on, then the light was just gone forever, never to return.  They say that it ended up in the Indian Ocean. Maybe the plane ended up in the Ocean. However, the people did not.

You may think that I’m preaching some conspiracy theory to the choir, but I’m really not.  Take for instance the fact that the plane’s black box was never found. Take for instance there was not a single survivor.  Okay, well maybe that isn’t too strange, but the fact that they were fine, no distress call, no anything then all of a sudden they begin flying off course and then vanish into thin air.  There have been many supposed finds from the crash, which are plants that have been set in place by the united states government to make it all look like an accident.

However, we have been in contact with an individual who says otherwise.  He said the people on the plane never made it to their destination, but they never plunged into the Indian Ocean, either.  They were secretly taken to an atoll called Diego Garcia If you don’t know where that is, it’s an archipelago in the Indian Ocean.  At one point it was controlled by the French and then the British. After that, the British and the US forcibly removed all occupants of the island chain in order to construct a massive military base on the islands.  This is where the plane went down. It did not crash, it landed willingly. The passengers on board were the precious cargo.

Our source tells us that one by one the passengers were taken off the plane and assigned by the military personnel to stalls like the Jewish captives during WWII.  After they were assigned to their permanent stalls, soldiers would sometimes come like thieves in the night and carry away the survivors. They never knew what for, but they knew that it wasn’t something they were going to be happy about.  Judging by the screaming and the crying for mercy that they heard at night, they knew that it wasn’t anything that was going to be pleasant.

According to our source, these people were carried away by night to become guinea pigs for some super fancy testing laboratory.    Some were dismembered limb for limb and then sewed back together. Some of them were forced through time travel experiments like the ones that took place in Philadelphia.  Some were drained entirely of their own blood by refilled with animal blood entirely just to see if they’d come back to life. The lucky ones received what was called the infusion.  

Look, without dragging this out to make it take forever, the contact that we have was stuck on the Diego Garcia atoll at one point in time.  He was made to eat weird food and to go into these machines that looked like incubators. He was subjected to intense waves of heat and bright light and was often time suspended in air by invisible forces.  He said it was unlike anything he has ever experienced. Not long after that, he said he began to notice that when he wanted something to happen, it just happened… just like that… automatically.

We aren’t sure what type of things other people from MH370 were subjected to, but after working with the person we worked with, who bargained his way to freedom from his captors, we know that they were working with top-secret alien technology.   After working with our source, we were able to develop a piece that mimics his powers exactly. These powers include but are not limited to: the ability to stop time completely, the ability to travel back and forth into time, the ability of autonomous healing,  visions that are brought on by psychic touch, and finally the ability to manifest the coming of events in your mind.

Again, we don’t know what kind of extraterrestrial help the government had when designing her powers, but the help is there and the technology is power.  He was willing to make this piece with us as a means to prove just how far and willing the government si to hide up things they know they shouldn’t be doing-- like kidnapping planes full of passengers and making it looking n accident.   

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