Midas Touch, Midas Thought - 4

Midas Touch, Midas Thought - 4

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There were three kings in history who have gone by the name Midas.  The most popular of the three was a king named Midas after whom the city of Midaeum was named.  He possessed a very above average ability.  He was so motivated by wealth that he persuaded the gods to give him the ability to turn everything he touched to gold.

 At first this was enthralling.  He could literally turn anything he touched into solid gold.  However, he must not have thought it through very well, because everything he tried to eat also turned to gold.  And we'll... You can't really eat gold.  Subsequently, Midas died of starvation. 

 His power were not for naught, though.  His ability yo bring great wealth has passed down over his blood lines, through the hands of the royals and of the kings and queens.

 This piece is a modern day Midas Touch item.  It won't turn all that you touch into gold.  However, it turn your thoughts into wealth.  For instance, you will think of a way that you would like to gain wealth.  Your item will understands your thoughts and will create this wealth in your life...  It's simple to use.  All you have to do is imagine the wealth coming into your life and it is as good as yours.

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