Mind Snatcher
Mind Snatcher

Mind Snatcher

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This piece is a heavy, antique sterling silver belt buckle.  It hasn't been imparted with the powerful ability that you will read about below.  


Okay, so the time title of this one is going to sound like a 1980s cult classic horror film, but I can assure you that it is nothing of the sort. We call this one Mind Snatcher and there is a logical reason behind it. It's because the entity in question is an ability that he acquired through Buddhist training. He was able to accelerate the enlightenment of his mind. He has joined the white light hall of ascensions, as he has now entered a state of permanent Nirvana.  


We were able to communicate with him by transcending our reality. Through doing so, we were able to land ourselves in the realms of Nirvana, a.k.a. the realms of total ascent. This is the realm-- the collective mind-- of all those who have achieved enlightenment through acquiring Nirvana.  


The entity in question was a monk named Choezom. However, he has since transformed his soul in Buddhahood, so I guess we would refer to him as a Buddha. He possesses a very rare ability. We don't know exactly what to call it because he didn't give us a name for it. We simply call it mind snatching. This is not like a snatching of the mind in a malevolent way. It is the acquisition of a person's mind to acquire their knowledge in order to grow in power.  


Cho (that's what we call hi for short) does not speak in the language. Rather, he communicates with telepathic vibrations. In order to understand him, you must be able to connect with him on that level. we were able to connect with him on an intrinsic level. This showed us exactly how his power works. It is not simply a streaming of knowledge from one mind to another. We've seen that before and as impressive as that can be, Cho's power is even more impressive.  


His ability is the actual ability to extract the mind of another entity or being and place it within his own. That is the difference. With nor, mall mind acquisition magic you are seeing somebody else's mind from an insider's perspective. You are seeing it from the inside out. Cho's ability allows him to envelop the mind of another person, to see their magic and knowledge as an outsider.  


From the outside, he is able to see how the brain of the other woThis includes all the magic that can be created with the bloodline of the universally divine. He has seen the minds of others such a Zarathustra, King Solomon, Krishna, the Triple Goddess, all 12 of Christ's disciples, Queen Merkabah, the * Lucky Immortals, numerous bodhisattvas, and other very powerful immortal beings.  


By purchasing this piece you are not only gaining Cho's ability to do the same thing, but you are also gaining the power and magic that he has already acquired! When using this piece you will be able to call the minds of others and your own mind and you will be able to replicate the entirety of their knowledge. You will be able to replicate their magic. In fact, by the time that you are done, there will be nothing that you don't know about the other person. Plus, you will be able to use Cho as a guide when using this piece.  


Full instructions for this piece will be given to the person who ends up making the purchase. It's just that this piece is really powerful and we'd hate to see it fall into hands that we do not know or do not trust.  


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