Moon Goddess Trifecta
Moon Goddess Trifecta

Moon Goddess Trifecta

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The magic in this piece can be traced back to the mystery school of ancient Greece.  These Grecian mysteries schools taught magic that was generally hidden from the public, although “mystery” does not refer to the fact that these powers were a mystery to humans, rather than the people who partook in them were involved with solving the mysteries of the universe.  This piece is directly tied to a trio of lunar goddesses and be used to bring about a system of magical powers that can be used by anybody with any level of experience. The piece has been tested and it is extremely effective. There is nothing that you have to do activate this piece and you can use it any point in time because it brings the powers of the full moon to you.  You’re in ancient times and even today people have to wait to receive the powers of this trio by the light of the full moon; and if it is cloudy on the night of a full moon? Then, they wait longer. Again, this piece brings you the power of the FULL MOON! How cool is that?

The trio of goddesses whose various forms of magic will receive is Selene, Artemis, and Hecate.  Each holds a different set of powers that are brought on by the moon tides and lunar cycles.  The energies of the moon have always been somewhat mysterious, but with the knowledge that afforded to you with this piece, you will be able to master them, no problem.  Here are the powers that you will get that each moon goddess affords to you.

Selene:  She is the prime goddess of the moon.  She is the driver of the moon that guides it across the sky at night to see that it sets at night’s end.  In other words, she holds the power of moons cycles and lunar tides. She is the one that brings the power of the full moon to you and facilitates and allows the magic in this piece to take place.

Artemis:  She is goddess child of Leto and Zeus and the twin to Apollo.  She is the goddess of the wilderness, wild animals and the hunt.  She hunts by the light of the moon, which guides her to her prey. In the case of this piece, Artemis is the hunter of magic.  You will connect with her and tell her which magic it is that you want and she will hunt until she finds it. She will be led by the rays of the moon to the spot where she can collect this magic for you and she will bring it back to you and it will be fused into your piece.  She is also the goddess of fertility and will help you in that department, if you want/need her to.

Hecate:   She is the daughter of Asteria and Perse, two of the original Titans.  She is the goddess of magic and witchcraft, protection, and prosperity.  By using her powers and the power of the moon, she will be able to cast spells for you at any time that would usually require the magic of a full moon.  You will simply tell her what spells you want to be cast and she will cast them for. She will also bring protection to your home, driving out evil and cleansing your home.  She will bless your home and everyone in it with wealth and prosperity in the areas that need them the most.

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