Moses Guides You

Moses Guides You

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This piece has been enchanted with powers  from the ancient Rabbinic powers that were set in a book of laws and magic, called the Talmud.  The book was written by Rabbis and their contemporaries as a means of recording the history and laws of the Jewish people.


This piece has been made by sorting out the ancient messages of the Talmud.  Like so many other books, this one also holds secrets, including this one which is the ability for the person who owns this piece too summon Moses, the ancient prophet and leader of they Jews. 


When you conjure Moses, you gain the powers to grant white light miracles.  It's no secret that Moses was God's favorite.  He was the chosen one who parted the Red Sea in order for the Jews to escape.  He holds the greatest miracle granting powers in all of Heaven other than Jesus himself.  When you summon Moses, he will give you the ability to perform white light miracles of many kind. 


There is one more thing that conjuring Moses allows you to do.  He will need your personal guide.  Just as he led the Jews out of captivity, he will take you by the hand and lead through the realms of Heaven.  Here you will be able to behold such great relics as the great white pyramid and the Ark of the Covenant.  

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