Mossack Fonseca and the  Panama Papers, Great Emotional Wealth
Mossack Fonseca and the  Panama Papers, Great Emotional Wealth
Mossack Fonseca and the  Panama Papers, Great Emotional Wealth

Mossack Fonseca and the Panama Papers, Great Emotional Wealth

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It seems as though there is more to the story when it comes to the case of that Panama Papers.  If you don't know what the Panama Papers are, I wouldn't be surprised.  For the most part, the majority of this development was kept under wraps.  The powers the be did not want any more incriminating evidence to surface about the things they have been doing and getting away with.  The Panama Papers contain 11.5 million documents that were leaked to German reporter Bastian Obermayer.  
On the surface, the documents contain personal financial information about very wealthy individuals and public officials that were previously kept silent.  It seems that a lot of corporate big wigs used the law firm and corporate service provider Mossack Fonseca  to conduct their dirty work, including tax fraud, tax evasion and evading international sanctions among other crimes.  These things alone were enough to incriminate the people who didn't want their dirty laundry aired.  To be honest, for the most part it wasn't.  
Now, being that this a paranormal website, I know you are just waiting for that bombshell reveal, so here it is.  There is a separate section of the of the Panama Papers that are of the Not-Safe-For-Work variety.  This section of the "big reveal" document something a little darker and a little more sinister than their violations of international law.  It documents their use of ancient rituals that were used at the Panamanian HQ of MossackFonseca to obtain wealth powers.  The wealth power in and of itself is not what is sinister, rather it is the way that these corporate executives went about gaining it.  
Mossack Fonseca is what they claim to be.   They are a law firm.  They are a corporate service provider, but not all the types of corporate services that they offer are brought to light for the public to know about.  These types of services they keep for their "special interest" customers, who are really willing to fork over the money.  It involves ancient magical rituals, during which they hold what are called, "corporate orgies."  Most executives who are paying for this service and their employees do so willingly, but there have also been instances where people are sedated and forced to partake in these massive orgies-- or other instance where the are forced to participate or lose their job altogether.  
Sex Sorcery specialists are housed at the Mossack Fonseca HQ.  It works much like a brothel in that the corporations get to choose the sexual sorcerer who will lead their orgy.  They then get together with other like-minded individuals, strip their clothes, and their freak on.  The sexual energy summons the ancient god Baal, who was the chief god in ancient times.  He was also a fertility deity with the ability to bring about great wealth powers to those who summon him.  
The people who partook of these orgies would then wear vessels, into which the divine wealth powers would be stored.  These wealth powers were later used to bring in massive amounts of wealth for very well-known corporations and individuals.  It is all kept documented in the "forbidden" part of the Panama Papers.  These are the parts that will never be published because it would be considered "shots fired" and it would just open up a crap show for everyone involved.  So, the general consensus is to just allow these happening to fly under the radar.  
The piece that we are offering is one of the Corporate Orgy Wealth Items, as we call them.  The how is not so important as the fact that we have this piece and it is EXTREMELY powerful.  I'm talking about this piece is so powerful that when I gave it to a staff member to test it, she wasn't even gone 15 minutes before some random guy tossed a bag into her car and continued running.  She watched as he was pursed on foot, but I guess the magic in this piece disallowed the cops to see what he had done?  Either way, the guy was arrested for robbing a bank and the money was supposedly never recovered.  However, when searching the bag later, once she left the scene, she found the bag to have over 200,000.00 in it.  We can't tell you which state this was in for obvious reasons. We also let her keep it for a little while because I doubt that you can use bank money as that is marked. We were not sure it that was the pendant or just a coincidence.  Believe it or not that was just a coincidence! Imagine it it wasn't though! So we let Allison keep it for about 4 months. In her testing she said it takes some time but it really worked. She realized that it works on emotions.Never hearing of wealth emotions we tested it with others as well. She told us that it worked using her mind and got into her emotions to know what she really wanted and needed. It would then begin to work. She runs a business that creates clothes that mesh with your body heat amd produce pheremones. Weird I know but unique too! She had a problem getting it off the ground but now she is doing well! Now since this is something new for us, the whole emotional wealth thing, we tested it quite a few times on all different people.  We tested it on one person who needed a job. A great paying job was given to them and I MEAN GREAT!!! As in no one would turn it down but they did! They did because they never really wanted to work to begin with. I guess food stamps and welfare is so much better but.... So we had to test it yet again. This time we tested it with Lindy. I gave her a stock tip on Raytheon Co. Symbol is RTN, she already made money. Now with things on unstable ground it defence is still doing well. So with that it could have been me so back to testing again! This time we did  person who just plain out needed money. No stock tips, no nothing and he is in a much better place. He used it as we suggested and just thought about what he wanted and went about his day with this in his pockets. I'm serious too I thought nothing wold help this guy. One because he can be stupid and two because he just lacks serious ambition but low and behold we had a winner! YES!!! Now we did more testing and sure enough through just going about your normal day it picks up your emotions of which Opals are known for and works. It picks up and sends out your energy working for you through some strange occult science! Who cares it works!
If that isn't a wealth power with a BOOM, I don't know what is. 
This is 14k gold with exquisite opals to gather and gain for you wealth! The price is more then worth it! This is stunning!!

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