Mother of Endor

Mother of Endor

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Remember the Witch of Endor in the Bible? Well, he wasn't the first of his kind. He actually comes from a long line of witches that held the bloodline of the original witch. That's a story for another time, though. This piece focuses on the bloodline just one step above the Witch of Endor. She is an entity that is often times called the Mother of Endor. She is the one that bequeathed the Witch of Endor all the powers that he holds. She is the one that raised him in the world of magic and all that it has to offer. She is the one that has been summoned into this piece.

We have made this piece because we don't think that she ever gets enough credit. She was a very powerful witch, probably three times as powerful as the Witch of Endor ever was. She often flies under the radar though, and honestly, she kind of prefers it this way. She did allow us to make this piece, though, but she says that's because it is her duty to share the gifts that she has been given with world, the same way her son did.

So, the entity that has been cast into this piece is the Mother of Endor. This piece is a crystal pendulum. When you use it, you will begin by asking it yes or no questions that it can answer. You know, like "Does my partner really love me?" That's a very basic example, but you catch the drift. Then, once you are warmed up, you will begin by asking the Mother of Endor for powers in the form of a question. You can say, "Mother of Endor will you grant me wealth." The pendulum should begin swinging in whatever direction has been determined to be yes. If it says no, which is rarely does, that means she is either not willing to grant that ability or she must grant you something else instead. If she says no, you will wait 24 hours and ask again. At this point, the witch will have granted you the energy needed to prime you for the power she will grant you next time you ask!

You can literally ask for any power that you most desire. She will be upfront with you about whether or not she is granting it to you. If you get three no's in a row, that means she is not going to grant you that power. She will not allow you to kill anyone and she will not grant immortality. I can't think of anything else she won't grant. Her granting ability comes from the fact that she holds the bloodline of the first immortal witch.

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