Mother of Jesus' Virtuous Magic
Mother of Jesus' Virtuous Magic
Mother of Jesus' Virtuous Magic
Mother of Jesus' Virtuous Magic
Mother of Jesus' Virtuous Magic

Mother of Jesus' Virtuous Magic

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One of the most powerful and ancient vessels of God's power is the Virgin Mary herself, which few would like to believe. As with any and all who worship God, most do not also worship the Virgin Mary even though she is powerful. She was directly touched by the Holy Spirit, directly empowered when the Holy Spirit passed through her and conceived Jesus.

While alive, the Holy Spirit had blessed Mary with the ability to heal wounds instantaneously but she could not use it on Jesus because it was part of a strict prophecy that Jesus would die for our sins. It was a choice she had to make but she chose to honor the prophecy. In exchange for her obedience and aid in the passing of the prophecy, God bestowed gifts in excess upon Mary's spirit, including seriously pure magic and visions. I'm talking more pure than the power bestowed by angels.

Like the archangel Michael's ability to instantly destroy evil with the white light power infused in the stones of his sword, Mary can vanquish any impurities. Mary also has the ability to leave and jump from vessel to vessel freely. This is why people claim to have met the Virgin Mary. It is why some people claim to have conversed with or to have been influenced by her. Whether or not they did isn't for us to say but  we can say that it is very possible due to the nature of Mary's abilities.

This piece was discovered around the time the three shepherd children at Fatima, Portugal received the secrets of a prophecy allegedly depicting the apocalypse. It was placed among the clothes of one of the shepherd children - Lucia - who later became the child chosen to live and bring more love and admiration to the Lady of Fatima.

The pin was hidden away until Bishop Da Silva ordered her to reveal the third secret. With the secret, the pin was mentioned as the vessel of the Mother of Jesus, which Lucia was to protect at all costs until the reveal of the third secret. Bishop Da Silva had the pin segregated from the Vatican Archive, kept in a safe and secret place elsewhere. We believe they kept it alongside the crown of thorns, which can conceal the truth of things - it could appear as another thorn if that is what they wanted.

When the secret was voiced to the public, it was not the secret written by Lucia. The pin disappeared and we believe that Mary had done this herself in response to the obvious corruption. The next time it appeared, it did so under strange circumstances - there's no indication as to why it made itself known but when it did it did so to us specifically when we visited the Church Of St. Mary The Virgin in Clophill. It wasn't the first time we had been there but it was the first time something had main itself known to us.

Immediately upon making contact with it, Mary appeared before us. She did not say anything, she just looked upon the pin. When we took it from its place, she looked at us and then disappeared. We don't know why this happened.

We found that this piece is instilled with the magic bestowed upon Mary when she conceived Jesus by the Holy Spirit and it grants the holder rare magic. It allows you to look upon Jesus as both entirely human and entirely God. It will never matter what form he appears  in, you will be able to see him and communicate with him. You will be able to embody some of the power of the Holy Spirit, including the ability to birth new spirits and entities. You will gain the ability to absorb all forms of white light power from any source, including ones not specifically of the Heaven realm and use them at will. You will experience heightened healing both controlled and uncontrolled.

She will actually speak to you. She has spoken to each of as well.

She told one girl that she needed to go vegan to improve her health and live longer.

She revealed to another person secrets about their family, which they had never known about before. She told them that they were directly related to a well known Plato.

She spoke to our strongest psychic and revealed to him that his abilities were being obstructed and then proceeded to lift the veil. He was opened up to an enormous range of psychological abilities that he had been blocked off of before. He could extend his mind much further and could see and hear more clearly psychically.

There was one girl who thought she could not conceive children because doctors had told her she could not. Mary came to her and told her that she could and now she has more recently found that she can. The doctors can't explain it. We think Mary gifted her the ability to conceive.

This bracelet has one Jesus and two Marys with hand blown beads and is sterling silver.

Being exposed to Mary will also passively extend your life expectancy. You will experience visions seemingly through the eyes of someone else. We believe that the visions are through the eyes of Mary and that this piece acts like a solid connection to her. You will be able to feel her power as though she is a part of you and in some cases, particularly with prolonged use, she may come to you either in physical form or psychically.


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