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Don't ask me to tell you how I got these pieces, because I'm not going to tell you. Really, I can't. It would put the person in jeopardy of assassination or worse-- condemnation of his soul. It's not that his influence is unparalleled, but he is a very high up in the secret ranks of the Illuminati. In fact, he is one of the original descendants of the men who drafted the United States Constitution, although I don't know how much water that holds given the fact that Obama is trying to take it away from us. However, he is one of the original descendants of the men who held the secret meeting known as the Philadelphia Convention. Nobody knows what really went on during this meeting, but I can tell you from personal convictions that this meeting wasn't merely a meeting of the mind. It was a meeting of Masonic and Illuminati influence, to garner the magic and wealth that was necessary for the United States to succeed as a sovereign nation. Before this the government was going broke-- especially after breaking away from the wealthiest empire in the world at the time. Now ask yourself, where did this wealth come from? Exactly. Illuminati magic.

I will tell you that these pieces were made and sanctioned by an underground Masonic/Illuminati Lodge known as the Liberty Bell. They go by this name because incase they are ever found out, they will have the false pretense of working for the common good of the American citizen. Rather, they are more like a patrol clan. They patrol the people making sure that no magic will ever surpass theirs and that no citizen will ever be able to rise up and speak their opinion in America. I mean, they are not all bad, they are just of the bloodline and this is what they were trained to do. They are the top secret leaders of the United States. With their magic they control all of the wealth, all of the power, all of the magic, all of the resources, and every person's civil liberties. In fact, they even have the ability to control our minds and souls if they really wanted to-- and in some cases they do.

Either way, a question then has to be raised; "Where does all of this wealth come from?" It comes from a Magic known as 322. It is the highest form of Illuminati Magic. It is a Secret Code that was written and stored in the Bible in one simple passage in the Bible. These simple words contain a codex for a magic that provides the highest form of magical transformation, to take your souls and physical being and through rituals of alchemy transform the individual from mere human to holding the countenance and being of a God. Only a few of the highest ranking individuals from the Illuminati and Masonic background have undergone this full transformation.

The magic is called 322 because it is found in the book of Genesis in Chapter 3, Verse 22. It states, "And the LORD God said, "The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever." In context, he was talking about Satan when he led Adam and Eve into becoming like Gods. To do this they had to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil aka the Tree of Life. This was the one fruit in the garden that God had instructed Adam and Eve not to consume. It is the one fruit of the Garden that had the ability to make them like God. Satan knew this and led them to the fruit where he tricked Eve. Eve then tricked Adam into eating the fruit. They were transformed into beings that surpassed even the magic and knowledge of the highest ranking Angels. Unfortunately they were kicked out of the garden and give cloaks of flesh. They were also given mortality which shielded their brain from their previous knowledge, hiding all of their magic deep within their brains in subconcious parts that they didn't know how to access.

The secrets that have been encoded in this secret message are only available through pure dark magic and knowledge, such as the magic Satan gave Adam and Eve when they at the fruit from the Garden. Using the dark energy, people are given the ability to arouse the powers that have been hidden deep in their brain. The reason that the dark magic is needed to unlock this secret strand of DNA is to preserve the balance of good and evil. Once the evil is mixed in with the good, then the DNA is unlocked, you will undergo esoteric alchemy to transform your being into that of a God.

Basically to bring everything full-circle-- the Illuminati and the Masons have spent their entire existence attempting to become like gods. The power of 322 has been their single most powerful adoption of magic. This magic is naturally dual in nature because of maintaining the balance of good and evil forces. Unfortunately, this power has taken a more evil stance in the uses that the Illuminati adopted it for. It is the same magic that the Illuminati and Masons used when the were founding the United States. This why the government of the United States has taken an evil turn, trying to control their citizens so that way they can keep them from acquiring any type of wealth and magic, because they want it all for themselves. They have turned into very powerful, real-life Golems minus that fact that Golem was kind of decaying because of the power of the ring. In fact, they are very powerful and very much present. They keep the magic amongst their powerful and influential ranks, secret organization, and fraternities. Those who have undergone the transformation from human to god receive a magical item called their 322 Piece. These are items that are made in advance to help a person who has earned the right of transformation. Like I have said, these people are few and far between. However, as these pieces are made in advance, there are always some ready to go. They are stored in a vault belonging to the Liberty Bell Lodge, in a secret location that nobody knows about.

Again, I can't tell you how I got these pieces, all I can tell you is that I have them. They are original 322 Pieces from the vault in Philly. These items needed to go through a transformation ritual to become active, which we have already done at Haunted Curiosities headquarters. The items have also been cleanse of any and all evil that has been connoted with these pieces. Again, it takes the dual magic to keep things balanced; however, these pieces have been transformed and polished to contain ONLY white light powers and abilities. We have several of these pieces for those who are seriously interested.

With your 322 piece, you will undergo a full transformation. During this soul alchemy transformation, you will become like a god. You will gain all the magic associated with being a god-- full range over white light powers and abilities. I'm not going to list them all, obviously because there are too many. Just know that there isn't a magic, power, ability that you won't be able to encounter and master using this item. You will also gain the ability of pure white light wealth. This wealth is the most powerful wealth power that I have ever encountered, to date. It is the wealth power that was summoned by the Illuminati and spawned the financial birth of an entire nation. I mean obviously, it is the most powerful wealth magic that I've ever encountered. It's 200 years later and we have become the most influential nation on the face of the Earth. We have several of these very powerful pieces, so if you want to experience this exclusive power and you think you can handle it. Let us know. You will never have an experience like it!

This is not a commercial piece! This is in solid sterling silver and is an antique but very well made and heavy.
Anyone can wear it,male or female. 

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