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These rings prevent the soul from being caught up in a negative energy that leads to possession.

If you feel a serious negative energy around you and things are getting bad this may be what you need. Many times people go for years with being possessed and never even know it. 

I have meant to write about this for a very long time but with work I never find the time. I realized after using the Bishops ring and getting what I wanted that maybe now I should write about this.

About a month ago I saw on Facebook how someone posted a question about the demon item they had bought. They were happy with it and all they wanted to know was could they wear it with angel pieces. I couldn't bring myself to comment. I thought about messaging them but thought better of it. What most of you don't know is there is this unsaid code among sellers to be "happy" never contradict another seller, never bad mouth and basically to just mind your own business. I do that.  I never get into what someone else is selling. If a customer asks me I just tell them they are smart eough to figure it out for themselves. No seller should bad mouth another just to make themselves look good. Mainy it isn't about making someone look bad, it's all about money! I have to stop and think though about the buyers. Don't THEY realize that when another seller bad mouths it is about money? If your wealth items worked you really wouldn't care what anyone else does, would you?  I have seen the seller who one day know nothing and the next conjured dragons, hmmmm. This kind of stuff takes years! I have seen the one who had a interest in the metaphysical but knew nothing and now people buy from her,another hmmm. I just say to myself, move along it's not your business. I will still stick to that. 

While I will continue to mind my own business and keep my mouth shut there are some things that morally you can't let go. The wrong representation of the demon is one of them. You will have people tell you that you are creating fear and that is negative. That is just another hmmmmm.... You must educate yourself and know what your getting into and so even if some get pissed off I'm going to tell you the truth.

Demons are not your friends. When you go to buy them you already have invited them in. There is no such thing as a ritual to make them "work" for you. They WILL work, for a short time to gain your trust. You will soon forget how evil people say they are and will begin to believe they are just a misunderstood entity. At that point they have already won and like a parasite have infested your life with a evil that is so great YOU are bound, not them. To think you may have them with your angel friends makes me laugh so hard sometimes I could piss myself! Then I realize this is nothing to laugh at. These people need some serious help!

Like I said at first things go very well. If your needing money you will see it come in. Health and love issues will resolve for a short time, maybe even a long time. Whatever it takes to gain your trust or attention. I say attention because so many people walk through life not even being able to keep thier mouths shut. They are nothing but blobs of flesh worked over by bad food and chemicals in the water they drink. Have you ever seen those people that sit with their mouths hanging open and then you imagine the having sex? Yes I have a weird mind but for fucks sake,  at least it works! Many people have become like animals with basic needs and mindless wants. Sex, food, rap music and speaking as if they are morons. Things that are bright attract them, they are what breeds in the word. They I hope, won't be the demise of intelligence.

The bottom line is that demons are not your playthings nor your friends and they are a infection! If someone you know is around them or could have been subjected to them you need to protect yourself. The energy they can give off even if you never invited one in is called a soul catcher in more studious circles. This term is used because it means a person who's soul is under attack but not yet possessed. The soul catcher syndrome means you are having negativity through often times other people. The soul catcher syndrome is making you ready for full bown possession or black energy. Many times you won't even know it or you might feel it is happening to others but yet you are dealing with the crap!

The piece that I have here is for removing and preventing or just  preventing, whatever your case my be. This ring will remove, block and kill demonic energy and black energy. This will remove it no matter how long you have had it. This will also work around other people in your family or life that are or could be under a serious attack or influence. This ring is felt as soon as you use it. If you have ever been in pain and took a pain pill it works like that. Often you never know you have something until you remove it.

These rings are heavy solid sterling silver. You don't have to wear them but you should carry them at least for 30 days.

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