Mr. Fatts Chompino:  Interdimensional Magic and Power Grabber, One of the Most Powerful Entities To Date
Mr. Fatts Chompino:  Interdimensional Magic and Power Grabber, One of the Most Powerful Entities To Date
Mr. Fatts Chompino:  Interdimensional Magic and Power Grabber, One of the Most Powerful Entities To Date
Mr. Fatts Chompino:  Interdimensional Magic and Power Grabber, One of the Most Powerful Entities To Date
Mr. Fatts Chompino:  Interdimensional Magic and Power Grabber, One of the Most Powerful Entities To Date

Mr. Fatts Chompino: Interdimensional Magic and Power Grabber, One of the Most Powerful Entities To Date

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When thinking of magic and magical entities, the first thing that comes to your mind probably isn’t Poland.  In fact, I don’t know that much comes to my mind when thinking about Poland except for that bottled spring water.  Come to think of it, I haven’t even seen that around for a while. Moving on, you might be surprised that this piece comes from Poland, especially since the piece is extremely powerful and we don’t ever really offer pieces from Poland.   However, the places that you don’t hear much about often offer some of the most intriguing powers, but they know how to keep them a secret. There wasn’t much of a secret kept when a paraglider discovered a megalithic structure in Poland and alerted local authorities.  They immediately announced the findings and bragged that this new structure was nearly twice as big as Stonehenge in England.

To better help you understand exactly how powerful this piece is, we are going to write up this piece in the form of an interview.  

Deedee-- So, when we were on investigation we found the item that you have been set into.  You want to tell me how that happened?  

Fatts-- Yeah, no problem.  First of all, it was me who led you here on the investigation.  My power has lied dormant for some time now and it’s time for a resurrection of power.  I was created to be a very powerful entity here on Earth. Unfortunately, when my people, as you humans would say, left I was forgotten about.  You know, a spiritual presence isn’t the first thing that people think off when they are facing impending doom. So, I was left behind. Millions of years later when I was rediscovered, I was placed into a rock.  

Steve-- A rock??  

Fatts-- Yeah, a rock.  Can you believe that? It wasn’t until less than 100 years ago that I was finally given a proper home in this piece-- and my new home is really cool.  The arms twist all over. They go up and down, sideways, they move in and out. I’m made of solid sterling silver. I know what you’re thinking. What a vain little creature.  You try spending millions of years in a rock and see if you don’t brag when you are given a new vessel. Anyway, the old man put me in there.  

Deedee-- The old man?

Fatts--  The old man.  You might find it funny that I call him the old man.  He was a sorcerer who looked more like a wizard if you ask me.  I am way older than he could have ever dreamed to be, but for being a magically inclined Earthling, he spent a good number of years on the Earth.  He simply decided that his time had come and he has passed into the ethereal realms. I stayed with him for a spell, but after he decided he no longer wanted to be alive in the mortal realm, he pretty much just left his stash behind.  

Steve-- So where are you from exactly?  Like, who are you?  

Fatts--  Ahh, yes.  I suppose we could get into that.   I am an immortal spirit form, but I’m not an Earthling.  You see, you Earthlings who were born here think that you have it all figured out.  No offense. As a whole, you guys really know nothing. Bernie knew, only because I told him.  That’s the old man. You know, the wizard? I like the name Bernie so that’s what I called him.  His real name was Benard. Anyway, prior to life ever having existed on Earth there was an intergalactic force.  They were the bearers of life and it was their mission to populate the planets in the Galaxy that were able to hold life forms.  Earth was one of those planets. To be honest, it was one of the nicer ones. I think there was another planet in your solar system that they tried to populate.   Venus maybe? That didn’t go over so well. There was a series of solar storms and that was pretty much it for that planet. But Earth? Earth thrived. It was an oasis among your entire solar system, which is surprising because in that moment your Sun was only beginning to grow and shed life.  

Deedee-- So, what you are saying is that you are Atlantean?  Or, perhaps Lemurian?  

Fatts-- Atlantis?  Oh, no!! We were here way before Atlantis even existed.  We were far superior to anything that Atlantis has to offer.  We come from an entire different existence altogether. It’s called the 4th Parallel.  Look, I don’t expect you to understand what I’m trying to say. It’s like this. You live in a Universe.  You think that all that exists is the universe that you know about and that you are a speck of sand compared to everything else.  Well, your universe is only a speck of sand to all of existence. The entities that inhabited your Earth were far more powerful than the Atlanteans could have wished to be.  They ruled over the cosmic conscious at the center of your universe. They could manipulate it in ways that could alter reality and they literally helped shape your entire universe into what it has become.  It’s like they were a giant set of hands and all you’ve ever known was a tiny ball of clay. That’s how powerful they are. They were a celestial bunch and they loved Earth. They were called the Primordials.  They are the ones that originally created me. I am something known as a Grabber. You’d think that after all the hard work and effort they put into creating something as powerful as I am, they’d at least come up with something cool to call.  Nope. I’m the Grabber-- but at least its short, sweet, and to the point.  

Steve--  Right? A grabber?  So they get a cool name like the Primordials and you’re called a Grabber?  

Fatts-- Nevermind that.  What I can do is more powerful than anything that you’ve ever seen.  I was created by the Primordials as an interdimensional being. I have knowledge of all places.  It exists in my mind at all times. My sole purpose for the Primordials was to reach through the barriers of the different levels of existence to bring energies and magic back to them.  Not only do I have a knowledge of the entirety of all forms of existence, but I have the ability to locate any power that is needed. When the Primordials needed power or magic, I would simply locate what it is they were asking for, stretch out my existence, reach through the barriers of existence, grab the magic and present them with it.  It’s a little more involved than I make it sound, but that’s pretty much the gist of it. I’m like a bloodhound that can sniff out any power imaginable that somebody might need.   

Steve--  So, why don’t you just trail off on your own?  Why don’t become your own entity and bring yourself powers so that way you can grow and become powerful?  

Fatts-- Because that’s not the way I was designed.  The Primordials created me, so I was loyal to them. However, when the Great Darkness set in they hightailed it out of here.  The Great Darkness was even more powerful than the Primordials. However, they forgot me here on the Earth when they left, so now I’m loyal to whomever owns the piece I am attached to..  Mostly these are the humans that have learned to survive on Earth. It’s quite impressive. They did it with only a fraction of the magic that the Primordials did it with. Then again, then Primordials kind of paved the way to make sure your universe would actually survive.  

Deedee-- The Great Darkness?   I think I’ve heard of that. What is it exactly.  

Fatts-- Yes, nobody really seems to know what that is or where it comes from.  It’s just this great darkness and blackout of all magic and power. Not only does it quell magic and power, but it will suck the soul right out of your body if you get stuck in it.  It’s not a pleasant time. I don’t have a soul, because I’m already a spirit form, so it didn’t really do anything to me. What I can tell you is that there were millions of years of darkness on Earth and in your existence.  Most of it has gone away now, but there are still some areas of your existence that suffer from the Great Darkness. It has rogue holdings of influence over some parts of your universe. The humans call these black hole and they are intrigued by them.  If they ever got close enough to one, they wouldn’t be so fascinated anymore. I can guarantee you that.   

Deedee-- What happened after the Great Darkness? 

Fatts-- Oh, well that’s easy.  That’s when life on Earth-- a result of fragments of magic that were leftover by the Primordials-- began to take hold.  These leftover forms of magic were used by the Hand of God to recreate what was already once created. He was just a step above the Primordials in power, so he now has authority here.  However, he saw what they were doing on Earth and liked it, so he used the magic left over to create humanity. He re-illuminated the sun, moon, and stars, and recreated the land. It was a total effort on his part.   Overcoming and restoring places that were affected by the Great Darkness is rarely heard of. Atlanteans? They were an extension of his creation gone rogue. They were very powerful, but he sent the waters to wipe them out because they wouldn’t oblige.  Some of them still exist, but not nearly enough to stage any kind of uprising.  

Steve-- And you? 

Fatts-- Well, I’ve always just kind of been solo.  By that I mean, there wasn’t really an interest in my existence because the new Earthlings didn’t realize that I existed.  Eventually I was rediscovered by a group of ancients in a land that you guys now call Poland. This up and coming race of people was a strange to me.  They weren’t that bright. Well, I was used to serving the Primordials, though. In comparison to them, no other being is quite as powerful. I will give the ancients this much credit-- they were ones that watched the stars.  They knew where the power was coming from. The studied the skies very intensely and they were even visited by extraterrestrials a few times. Extraterrestrials has always been such a funny word to me. Aliens, too. Every form of existence is just another form of existence that comes from somewhere else.  So, these extraterrestrials as you guys call them came here. They saw these humans running around the Earth like a bunch of wild animals, so they gave them magic that would placate them. For the aliens it was a mini-awakening. To humankind it was a consciousness revolution. The same extraterrestrials visited the Earth many times.  They are in no way shape or form associated with my masters, the Primordials. However, they are pretty powerful. They gave humanity magic and power. They brought them gifts like the pyramids and the sphinx. But for the time being this little blip of enlightenment was enough for me to reach out to them and they latched on.  

Deedee-- So this was the first time you had made any contact with any other form of existence in thousands of years?

Fatts-- No, millions of years.  

Deedee-- Oh, geez.  That’s a long time.

Fatts-- So, you see my earnest desire to have contact with just about anyone or anything at that point? 

Steve-- Yeah, that’s crazy.  Okay, so what happened after you made contact with the humans? 

Fatts-- That how we get to the part where Poland is involved and, more importantly, the part about the monoliths that were found there.  I am responsible for the construction of these monoliths. In fact, I am responsible for most of the monolithic structures that are on Earth.  I instructed the ancients on how to build them and the concept soon spread. They built the structures and they were able to pull through different powers and forms of magic that they wanted.  Meanwhile, I was trying to create portals so I could reach out to the Primordials who had forgotten me. I don’t know what happened to them, if I’m being honest. I haven’t been able to make contact with them again and I don’t know that I ever will.  

Deedee-  Yeah, but the Monoliths?  I wanna know more about those.  Like, how do they even work?

Fatts-- Oh, those?  Yeah, it’s been interesting watching human “scientists” attempt to explain them.  “Oh they do this and oh they mean that!” That’s the difference between the ancient humans and the ones from today.  The ancient had an air about them. They were advanced and they were barely civilized, but they had enough sense to know that they should be looking up instead of around.  The monoliths are arranged in a special way that reacts to the constellations other heavenly bodies. What is does is open a massive celestial door through which I was able to search for the Primordials.  I know I said that I can travel interdimensionally, but opening the door was a much easier option, as it allows me to search far bigger areas. My power as a Grabber allows me to hone in on a power or ability and reach through layers of existence and grab it, but it’s easier to have a broad spectrum when you are searching for somebody.    

Steve--  So you never found the Primordials, hun?  

Fatts-- Nope.  I stayed with the tribes-- that’s what I call the ancients from those times-- for a few thousands years.  I helped them grab all kinds of powers from many different forms of existence. In fact, I am mostly responsible for the cosmic evolution of the human mind.  Look what it has led to… a bunch of Millenials, thats what you call them, right? A bunch of Millennials looking at screens when they should be looking outward, into the universe for the answers.  So, I was with them for a while, chomping down all these powers and different forms of magic, regurgitating it to them like they were baby birds.  

Deedee-- That’s it!!  I know what I’m going to call you.  Fatts Chompino!! It’s settled!!

Fatts--  I guess there are worse things that I could be called.  Actually, I kind of like it.

Steve-- So what happened after the ancients?  

Fatts-- I was discovered by the old man.  The old man was a loner, kind of like I was.  Together we built quite the repertoire of magic.  We traveled the world performing this magic and granting powers to the royalty of the world.  We have offered our services to the Knights of the Rosy Cross, the Freemasons, the Knights of Malta, the Watch Tower Society, the Bilderberg Group, etc.  I mean you name it and we’ve probably traveled there. We’ve even traveled to the Vatican to offer them our services. Well by our services I mean my services, but I was more loyal to the old man than I was to the Primordials.  We had a special bond. About 100 years ago is when he first gave me this vessel to live in. I could be wrong on the time, but more or less it’s been about 100 years.

Steve-- So how’d you end up back in Poland?  

Fatts-- Well, that’s where the Old Man was from, so before he decided that it was his time to leave we traveled back to Poland.  He hid me in the time capsule that you found dug beneath the monoliths. He told me he’d put me there since it was my legacy in the first place.  I waited patiently for him to go off into the ethereal realms. This is when I reached out to Deedee via a subliminal vibe, caught her attention and led her to Poland.   You pretty much know the rest. You all went on an investigation, that’s how you found me. Here I am.  

Deedee-- So one more time, please explain to everybody who is reading exactly what you have to offer them.  

Fatts--  So I am an interdimensional spirit.  I don’t exist just in this existence, but I exist across all of existence.  All of existence exists within me and I exist in all of existence. Upon request, I will reach out into the other realms and places in existence and grab the magic that you want. There is no magic that I cannot present to the user, because my knowledge of magic and the fact that I was born to know all things allows me to see all things.  Some powers and magic take longer to get than others, depending on where they have to come from. I also provide a cosmic shift of the mind. This will allow the user to travel with me to the various levels of existence, including the cosmic center of this universe and the hubs of magic that exist on different planes of existence. This will, of course, all be in astral form so the user of this piece will need to meditate with my piece.  During this meditation our energies will merge and we will become one unit, just as I was with the Old Man. We will function as one united being and the ambitions of the user will become m own and I will not stop until I have brought back whatever it is that has been asked of me. I am determined. I am persistent. I am all powerful. I can reach anywhere in existence. I will not let anybody down.

Deedee-- And we can attest to that.  We have used this piece to call forth many powers, even in the short amount of time that we’ve had together.  We have created pieces that are going to go on the website that you have helped us create. I’d have to say in all the time that I’ve been doing this, you are definitely one of the most powerful entities that I have ever come across, Fatts.  Steve, do you have anything to add or anything to say?  

Steve-- I just want to reiterate two parts.  You have to do the meditating part and you have to develop that bond.  Fatts is powerful, but you still have to bond with him. The other thing is that, as Fatts has said, it takes different amounts of time for him to gather different powers or magic.  So logically, you will need to be patient when he is working for you. That’s all I really have.  

Deedee-- Okay well then that’s all we have for today and for this piece.  If you have any other questions you can email one of us, but we have pretty much laid it all out for you.  This piece will be going on soon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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