Music Box Vampire
Music Box Vampire

Music Box Vampire

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It seems like tonight is the night for writing up the many original investigations we have been on, but this piece also comes from investigation.  This one comes from a house in Connecticut.  We were called out to a residence there, the own of which pleaded with us to get whatever was haunting his home out of it.  We did a whole number of tests-- our usual line up.  We even called a local priest that was certified in doing simple residence exorcisms.  We thought every thing had cleared out.  We left and were on our way back to PA, when we got a phone call letting us know the entity had returned.  
We went back yet another time, relentless to capture whatever it was that was ruining the life of our client.  He said the presence of the entity was even stronger than before the very last time.  We agreed to come back immediately, and honestly, I'm glad we did.  The powers that we have in this are phenomenal.  We could not have asked for a better turn out.  
The first thing we did when returning to pursue the rest of investigation was ask the owner of the property owner to provide us with anything new that entered the home within the time that he began noticing the strange goings on, and now.  He fetched us some clothes, a piece of lumber, and an antique Victorian music box.  Right away, we obviously knew which of these items was causing the problem and it wasn't even the item itself.  It was the entity that was attached to the item that was giving him all the trouble.  
When we began to play the music boxy, we noticed that a certain energy was released from the box.  After a while of playing the music box, the entity began to seep forward like the rising tide.  It didn't take but a few minutes for us to have a full-form spirit vampire in our midst.  We eventually conjured the vampire into this piece, but not before he could tell us his story.  
The vampire was once the guardian of a young girl-- the daughter of celebrity parents.  We are withhold the name of the celebrity for privacy reasons, but I can guarantee you that you've heard the parents' name before.  Either way, they went to their Hollywood spirit advisor, who ended up recommending that they summon a protection spirit into a music box.  This way, you can use the music as part of the conjuring spell.  When the music is played, the spirit will appear.  
However, you know how those sheisters out in Hollywood can be.  They advisor did a conjuring spell, just not the right one.  What the young girl ended up with was a guardian vampire.  However, when her parents found out they flipped and vowed to be done with the paranormal.  Whether or not they kept true to that, I have no idea.  I don't have ties to them.  
What I do have ties to is their music box, into which they paid to have an entity conjured.  This being is a full-form spirit vampire, as I have mentioned above.  He is the type that can give power, or grant wishes.  This is why this piece is so powerful, because it can literally give you whatever it is that you ask for.  He will also give you protection, as he had intended to do for the young girl before her parents freaked out and stored this piece in an attic somewhere, only to end up in the hands of the people who called me to do their investigation.  
We were successful in conjuring the vampire from the music box into this piece, so that way the people for whom we were doing the investigation could keep their music box.  With this piece, you will be able to summon the spirit form vampire into existence.  You will do this by playing soft, music box style music for the vampire.  This will raise him from his sleep and bring him to you.  
This vampire is a companion piece will provide protection from evil forces and dark forces.  It will also as I mentioned above, which is grant wishes and give you the powers that you ask for.  I guess it is safe to say that one man's junk is another man's treasure?  This is a very powerful piece!!

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