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Our bodies are between 55 and 60 percent water, it all depends on your age and if you are make or female. You may be wondering what water has to do with your DNA. It actually has a lot to do with it if your trying to activate your DNA to your full magical potential.

Water absorbs everything, from sound to motion and you are mostly water. Your composition makes a good arguement for evolution even though that's not true. 

Water is a key to your DNA because with out it you woudn't even have DNA to try and kick start. While your DNA is already working and in you obviously, DNA still holds trace memory and that has been scientifically proven. Is that not a miracle!! I guess now we could go into what is a miracle or the mmiracle of life but I will just stop and tell you what this item does.

This is the mystical activation of your DNA. Like the Virgin was pregnant she was carrying DNA in Jesus but with out sex who placed it there? We all know the answer to that but why is this DNA so important?

Your DNA holds all the answers to the universe and that universe was one in the Virgin. The virgin is even represented in the celestial sky,weird huh?

This holy water font is not just any holy water font by any means. The glass holy water holder was made from some sand found in the tomb of Christ. Underneath the picture of Mary is a sliver of wood from the cross. You should add any water you want or holy water, it won't matter. You will the take two fingers and place them in the water and place the water on all your pulse points. You will do this for 7 days and theb break, then do it for 3 days and break and the do it for 2 days. You have now activated your DNA to the fullest of potential. This potential is that of the entire celestial heavens and all the creation of power.

Should you get sick or feel off just dap a little of the water on your pulse points when you need it. You will feel this power as soon as your done placing the DNA activation water on you.

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