Mystical magical birds,HOOPOE
Mystical magical birds,HOOPOE

Mystical magical birds,HOOPOE

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This ring is in sterling silver with a glowing stone that dances with fire in the right light. This holds the Hoopoe bird spirit. This great bird is empowered with the spirit of the one who spoke to King Solomon.

The Hoopoe birds name at that time was Shin and he gave the secrets of the Queen Sheba to  King Solomon. This bird was considered divine by many and was a fully supernatural bird that coudl cure any disease and it's blood used to write spells that could cause and bring about any type of magic needed.

 In this ring your hand becomes the magic yet to be written,you decide the fate,not the fates. You will know the secrets told to you that you must have.

You may not change his name,his name has been around for eons.

To use Shin you only need to wear the ring for a full 4 days so your system learns to communicate psychically with Shin. This is a spirit that you will not regret owning and making part of your family.

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