Nak Nak It's Bangkok!
Nak Nak It's Bangkok!

Nak Nak It's Bangkok!

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Nak is a woman that died a long time ago in Bangkok and didn't really feel like moving on. Today she is famous and people come from all over to ask for all kinds of things. If they make the trip what is asked for is granted. Many ask for health issues to be cured and also for wealth. This is normal as they would be the two things asked for the most. However one of our staff got really creative as I'm sure many have and asked for a piece taken to her could be given the same power she holds.

This power is not hard for someone living in another realm or who can travel to it whenever they want to. That curtain between the living and the dead is one of the most powerful you can breach, if you can of course.

The piece your looking at does that for you. This is a PROGRAMMED piece! What does it do.

This sends a direct message to the otherside. This bracelet will give you what you ask for and begins to work in 24 hours. Now for those of you new to the paranormal begins to work means just that, begins!

To be clear about how this works is that is will put exactly what you want out there and a spirit of good nature picks up the request and begins to work on it. Whatever spirit picks up the request will complete it and then move on back in what I call the waiting area. For those of you who don't understand how spirits work it is very easy. Some are at rest and happy where they are. Others are happy but wish to help the living. Those are the spirits that will help you.  No matter who you are or what you do these are on call. You may ask for help in more then one thing. Do know that spirits have amazing influence and that is how they work. These spirits for example if you ask for wealth will find a way to do it that is both supernatural and natural as to not cause harm. What I suggest is that you be specific even though you won't have to. If money is what you need but you don't have a job then ask for a great paying job. If you have a job but need extra money then go ahead with that.

On health issues ask away because this bracelet is made to heal all by itself with out the asking of help so you get double magic there.

Health and wealth are not the only things you can ask for. What you ask for is up to you.



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