Nascha Guides You

Nascha Guides You

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Earth magic is some of the most powerful kind of magic around. When it comes to Earth magic there are none more powerful than the Native American tribes. That is why when we were designing this piece we made it with ancient Native magic, according to Native customary rituals. These rituals solidified the magic and locked it into place within the piece. As a result, this piece is spirited with a Native American goddess spirit called Nascha. In particular, this is Navajo magic and it is a Navajo goddess spirit. When you wear the piece, you will gain a Native Astral guide who will allow you to leave your body in your spirit form. She will take you by the hand and will guide you to the many ancient realms of Native ancestry, where there exist a multitude of powers that can be absorbed your soul, brought back to the mortal realm and activated by the Earth. This will be done simply by using your piece and allowing Nascha to come forward and guide you. Once you return, you will have to stand barefoot on the Earth for the powers to circulate through your body and be activated in their original form.

Aside from this, the goddess spirit will do casting work for you. You can tell her the spells that you want to be cast and she will make sure it gets cast for you. As far as the magic you will gain from traveling the astral realms, this is dependent upon what you truly want. Nascha is able to read your subliminal mind and will allow you to visit the realms that offer the powers that your soul truly wants. You can also make suggestions to her and she will take you to place to gain the powers that you asked for. She is a mellow, laid-back spirit, and will also provide you with spiritual protection during astral travels and while ever you are wearing your piece.

It is not shown, but the back of this piece is very worn out from all the testing that we have done with this piece.  Well, to be honest, we even used it for a while after testing, simply because this piece is so powerful.  I just wanted to let you know.  

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