Native Blue
Native Blue

Native Blue

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This piece holds the metaphysical properties of the Blue Verbena plant.  It has been well known for centuries, probably even longer, that blue verbena holds metaphysical properties that will protect humans against supernatural effects of all sorts.  

This piece has been made by a Native American Shaman who infused this piece with the metaphysical properties of blue verbena.  When you wear the piece it will ward off evil and cast out any evil that you might experience.  Examples of this are listed below:  

1.)  Keeps demons at bay and fights against demonic possession 

2.)  Fights off attacks from vampires including their bites, the mind control and keeps them from touching you 

3.)  Protects against spiritual possession of any kind,

4.)  If you are being haunted by ghosts or poltergeist, this piece will rid the home of them. 

5.)  Will not allow dark spells or negative energy to be cast upon you by witches or sorcerers of any kind.  

6.)  Breaks all curses and does not allow curses to be cast against you


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