Navajo Blood Wolf

Navajo Blood Wolf

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These Earrings were once worn by a very powerful and ancient skin-walker witch. She has tormented the Navajo tribes for centuries with her ability to change her form into any living being that she chooses. She has become known as the blood wolf because on the night of a blood moon, she transforms into an invincible wolf. Her hide becomes so thick that no arrow, bullet, or knife can pierce it. She takes to the villages of Navajo Indians, ripping to shreds any stragglers she may come across. For the Navajo, there is one saving grace and that is a spell that they can write on the outside of their houses, which creates a barrier that she cannot cross. This is the only way to be safe from the skinwalker. Otherwise, she will tear you apart limb from limb and steal your soul to use in her magical rituals to create her powers.

Many Navajo braves have tried and failed to defeat the Blood Wolf. The simple fact of the matter is that there really is no way to defeat the blood wolf without a strong enough spell that the Navajo just don't have. The Blood Wolf Witch knows all the magic of the Navajo, because she once was a Navajo, as well. She has all of her bases covered.

Either way, these earrings bring you the power of the Blood Wolf. It creates a psychic bond between you and the wolf that will allow you to assume her form. The magic in this piece has been manipulated in such a way that you can take this form whenever you want to. You do not have to wait until a blood moon. You will also be able to use this psychic connection to develop a bond with the witch, who holds many powers and spells that she can grant for you. If you can think it, she will grant it. This piece holds dual magic, so it can be used for whatever purpose you see fit.

Also, I know these are earrings, but you don't have to wear them in order to gain the full effect of their power.  You can simply carry them around with you and allow the energies to co-mingle with your own.  

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