Neathylia's Gift of the Mind

Neathylia's Gift of the Mind

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We have offered pieces like this before, but this one is especially powerful because it offers more powers than others like it. There is no wild and crazy backstory for this piece. The only story there is to tell you is that it was kind of tricky catching and conjuring the entity that this piece holds in it. This is because of the tricky nature of the entity itself; but, no fear, we have been able to make the entity more docile so that way you are always in complete control of it without ever having to worry about the entity playing a trick on you. We have assured that it wouldn't happen that way.

What we have conjured into this piece is the presence of an ancient Siren who calls herself Neathylia. We capture and conjured her somewhere near the Caspian Sea. To be honest, it had been so long since she had human contact, we didn't even have to fight her. She was just kind of out in the ocean hanging out, so we turned her into a soul essence and set her into this. Men can use this piece if they want a really good sex spirit. Otherwise, I'd probably recommend this one for the ladies.

First and foremost, this piece gives you what is called the Gift of the Mind. What is this exactly? It is the power over the minds of others. It allows you to not only seduce a person for the sexual purpose, but it also allows you hypnotize another a person's mind, to read their thoughts, to fill their minds with their minds with alternative thoughts, and to pull the powers that one might have in their mind into your own body. It allows you to deconstruct the mind of your target and to use this magic to gain the things that you want out of them. You can use this piece when doing business. You can use this piece when you are out and about if want to show somebody a good a time.

Secondly, this piece gives you divine sexual prowess. It gives you a sexual energy to use along with the Gift of the Mind, in order to complete your seduction. There is nothing better than the hunt and when you have hunted you want to reap the reward. This part of the magic will allow you to experience mind-blowing astral sex with whomever you choose to lure into chambers.

Finally, this piece also allows for the manifestation of thought forms into real life. It wouldn't be called "power of the mind" if it didn't have anything to do with the mind. I told you in the beginning that there was a special twist on this piece. This twist is that you are able to take your thought forms and make them manifestations. For instance, you can daydream about becoming wealthy and this piece will make you wealthy. You can think about that dreamy guy at the office and this piece will make him your forever love. No matter what it is you want, this piece will manifest the thought forms to make it happen. The only thing it will not do is murder somebody. Originally, it would, but we took that part of this piece out for obvious reasons. This piece is an excellent piece for Mind Magic, so if that is what you are into, then I would highly recommend this item.

The piece you get is an antique on top of holding all the amazing powers and abilities that I have just described to you. Talk about a bargain!

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