Nicolas Culpepper's Spiritualizer
Nicolas Culpepper's Spiritualizer
Nicolas Culpepper's Spiritualizer

Nicolas Culpepper's Spiritualizer

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If you are looking for something that will give you a bit of spiritual healing or a spiritual boost, then you've come to the right place. I'm sure I don't need to tell everyone, but some might not know. Having spiritual ailments is directly linked to many of the physical ailments that your body will experience. That's why keeping your spirit in a healty state is imperative if you want to live a very long, healthy life.  


Nobody understood this better than Nicolas Culpepper who was a very powerful, unlicensed another from the 17th Century. He wrote his findings in English, which didn't really sit well with the college of physicians. They wanted to keep the knowledge all to themselves so they could charge people for it. Nic on the other hand published his works in English for the benefit of all.  


Secretly, Nic was a white warlock. He was once tried and acquitted of witchcraft, but that was because what he was doing was for the betterment of mankind and the universe hid his works so he wouldn't be convicted... And that is how we have this piece.  


This piece is called the Spiritualizer. It holds a magic formula that was devised by Nicolas Culpepper. This magic will heal all aspects of your spiritual health. It will cleanse your soul. It will purify your aura. It will clear your karma. It will even heal your chakra and allow you to experience balance with the universe. This will lead not only to sustained mental and physical health but also psychic awakening because your third eye will also be healed.


When using this piece you will less sluggish. You will receive bursts of energy that make you feel like you are living life and not merely existing. It will help with depression and anxiety. It can help willpower in assisting with addictions and dieting. This piece just gives you an overall good balance of energy that will keep you in tip-top shape and assist in what might be wrong with you mentally/physically.  


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