Night of the Vampire | STAR
Night of the Vampire | STAR

Night of the Vampire | STAR

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There was once a time where the decisions of most cults were largely inspired by the desire to successfully seek out and acquire immortality. Vampires are a technically and iconic first thought when one hears the term immortality - it's not common knowledge to some that being a vampire doesn't always mean not being immortal. Not to mention, despite that, vampirism was also the answer to many problems. If not immortality, some would seek vampirism for the sole purpose of eluding illness, gaining vampire power and or superhuman elements.

This piece we are calling the Night of the Vampire because of the nature of how it works and also for the fact that it's ritual is inspired by the transitional night of eternity that used to be celebrated annually so long ago.

The Night of Eternity is one that was originally celebrated by Undead Tribes - tribes within which it is common practice for humans to allow demons, entities or spirits to possess their bodies or to share their body as vessels in exchange for power. These individuals would makes use of the power under the moon by conducting sacrifices on small animals so they could feed the cravings of the demons hidden within with their innards. Once sated, the demons would leave the bodies of their hosts and gather into one entity. He would never speak but to those who could stomach ingesting the innards of the dead animals on behalf of the demons, he would look upon them and they would drop dead almost instantly. On some nights, the entirety of a single tribe would be killed and they would lie dead until morning. As the sun rose, those who had bonded with the magic from the entity, would be seen rising as though waking up from a deep sleep. Their eyes would be pale blue, permanently embodied with the power of of the being. They were vampires.

This piece is derived from one of these rituals. However, rather than a person being inflicted directly with the power and the power shocking their senses and inspiring an instant death, the power was gathered in this piece instead. That is why it is not The Night of Eternity but rather the Night of the Vampire. There are noticeable differences between the two transformations as well.

First and foremost, you will experience a gradual vampire transformation that progresses most noticeably at night when the moon can be seen. It does not matter if the moon is entirely visible as long as you can look upon it. Additionally, the piece must be able to catch the light of the sun reflecting off of the moon in order for the power to be generated properly - this is important to ensure that you do not prevent the lunar vampire transformation aspect of this piece from being activated. That is the part of the transformation that channels the majority of your power. However, once the transformation is complete, you will not need to charge the piece every night. This is only during the transformation itself. Additionally, just because this piece transforms you under the moon does not mean that the only species of vampire that you can become is a lunar vampire. The species of vampire that you become is dependent on you. You can choose to become like a specific species or you can choose to only empower yourself with specific attributes of certain vampires if you want. Become your own species of vampire if that is what you desire.

The reason the power will not kill you before empowering you is because you are not being directly inflicted with it. There is no shock happening to your system - you are being exposed to it gradually.

As an added note, for an extra kick, this piece can experience an intense power spike under a lunar eclipse. Should one come to pass at any point during you being in possession of this piece, your power can be intensified instantly and it is highly recommended that you allow that activation to take place. You will only have to do this once to gain the power and permanently activate it.

The piece is simple to avoid drawing attention to yourself - we have had a lot of requests lately for subtle pieces. It can be worn however you see fit but, while out and about under the moon, we do recommend that it be worn around the neck where it can be close to the chest. It will not rust or tarnish as it is stainless steel and it will not cause an allergic reaction either. It is a good length for a man or woman - either can partake in the Night of the Vampire.

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