Nikola Tesla's Quantum Sorcery
Nikola Tesla's Quantum Sorcery

Nikola Tesla's Quantum Sorcery

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When Nikola Tesla died, he left behind him a wealth of information that was found in his New York City apartment. The government confiscated most of this information and they use in secret tests that they conduct in their underground research facilities. However, some of his diagrams and hidden knowledge has made its way into the general public. This piece has been made with a diagram that explains the type of magic that is necessary to implement what is called Quantum Sorcery.

Quantum Sorcery is the harnessing of the energies of the infinite sun. There are actually three suns. There is our sun and then there is a reciprocal sun which is 100% totally black, void of any kind of light. The third Sun is an umbilical sun that exists millions of light years away. This sun is the energy hub for the universe. It is the sun that our sun feeds off of. All three of these suns are important for embracing what has been called Quantum Sorcery.

First and foremost we need the presence of the umbilical sun. This is where the motherload of energy exists at the center of the universe. It is constantly replenishing itself as people and other objects die, the return to the umbilical sun where they become pure energy and they are reissued to somewhere else in the universe whether they become a star or a tree or a person again. Either way, the umbilical sun feeds our sun energy in mass quantity in order to keep our solar system aligned. This is also called the infinite sun because it contains infinite energy. The reciprocal sun, which is also called the dark sun balances out the white light energies of our sun by creating negative space.

Either way, the point is that this piece holds three spirals that represent the three suns and is done in such a way that once you wear this piece it will not need the power of the sun at all anymore. Your body energy will spark the life into this piece and you will need to wear this piece in the sun for a period of seven days. If it rains, that day doesn't count. It must be seven days of sun. This will spark your umbilical sun and the power will circulate through the coils that this piece is made up of and will recycle itself, becoming stronger by the day. It will give you an unlimited amount of energy that can be used for Quantum Sorcery.

What is quantum sorcery? That's the simple part. That is using the energies of all three suns to create your own powers whether they are black magic, white, dual magic, or somewhere in between. The energies of the three suns will allow you to create any powers that you want. You will simply cast a thoughtform while wearing this piece and it will become the power that you want. It is that simple and, that easy, and that powerful!

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