Nine Nirvana are Nine Ancient Powers
Nine Nirvana are Nine Ancient Powers
Nine Nirvana are Nine Ancient Powers
Nine Nirvana are Nine Ancient Powers
Nine Nirvana are Nine Ancient Powers
Nine Nirvana are Nine Ancient Powers
Nine Nirvana are Nine Ancient Powers
Nine Nirvana are Nine Ancient Powers

Nine Nirvana are Nine Ancient Powers

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I've often wandered to different parts of the world.  It is as if you just get an inkling to travel to a place, so you go there.  When you get there, you get the urge to travel just a bit further.  Next thing you know, you are half way across the world and you never really intended to be there.  When you have all the time in the world on your hands, I guess this is how life works., especially when you're in the market for the most unusual and powerful magical items.  It's as though every where you turn there is a different wonderland waiting to be discovered, like a child on Christmas Day.  Well, that's enough of that.  The fact remains that I found this item during one of my accidental trips to Cambodia.  You really can't say enough about this place.  It is a magical little country with even more magical attributes floating are around, including the abandoned temple complex where is where I found the treasure I am going to tell you about.  
The City of Temples is a beautifully neglected 12th Century structure.  It was built as a Buddhist colony, only to be abandoned 400 years later.  It was rediscovered 400 more years later.  Since then, it has been one of the major tourist attractions that bring people to Cambodia, and for good reason.  The City of Temples is a magical place.  It begins with beautiful scenery unlike any seen anywhere else in the world.  It was no wonder that the monks that once occupied this community chose such a serene place to be in touch with themselves and with nature.  It is here, among the depths of the jungle, that the Buddhists would develop their most sacred magic, far away from the eye of mankind.  This magic was developed only for them to see and to know.  To this day, the majority of the magic that these monks have created goes undiscovered, but not the piece that I am offering. 
The piece that is being offered is one that I found while visiting the Cambodia City of Temples.  I did not find this piece is the Temple proper.  Rather, it took me a few hours in the woods, hiking and looking around.  It is not hard to feel the energy that encapsulates this place.  The magic flows freely and does so because of the magic that was left behind by the monks.  When I first felt the magic in this piece, it latched on like a leech.  I tried to tell myself that it was only the feeling that was being radiated from the place in its entirety.  The feeling got so strong, that as I was walking by a certain tree, it practically punched me in the gut.  
The first think I noticed about the tree is that it had very unique carvings on it.  I traced my finger over the carvings on tree.  As I finished with the last carving the tree began to fall over.  I reminded me of a philosophical debate I once heard.  If a tree falls over in the woods and there is no one around, does it still make a sound.  Well, this tree made a sound, anyhow.  I looked around to make sure no one was watching.  Nobody was.  I had wandered pretty far off from the main temple.  I didn't want to be that guy who was responsible for knocking over a centuries old tree with carvings that could be of great value.  
As the tree fell over, I noticed a jumbled knot of roots pull out of the ground.  The energy that I had felt earlier became immense.  I noticed that there was something entangled in the mess of roots that had come out of the ground after the tree fell.  It was this piece.  It was the same piece that was providing such a powerful connections and with nobody else out there to see what had happened, it was a good as mine.  Now, this piece is as as good as yours... for the right price, of course.  That is besides the point.  I took the piece back to where I was staying.  You will see that the piece is a unique dish type item.  I tried bonding with the item the best that I knew how, but it still was not working.  
Then, it dawned on me.  The piece needed a sacrifice.  I got the piece to work by offering incense, by putting it in the dish and lighting it.  The incense is pleasing to the entities that are held in the piece.  These entities are nine ancient monks who have once worshipped in the City of Temples.  They have obtained immortality and would have stayed in the City of Temples, except for the fact that through obtaining their immortality, they have also reached a state of nirvana.  It is their own state of nirvana that has been created specifically for them.  They have each gone on to become Buddhas in their own right, after receiving spiritual transformation.
When incense is lit in the piece, the nine Buddhas come to you and will allow you to travel to their respective nine Nirvanas.  In each form of nirvana, there is a temple.  In the temple is where the Buddha lives.  Each temple holds one ancient power, over which the Buddha that lives there holds full dominion.  In using this piece, you will connect to the Buddhas on a spiritual level.  This means that you will be able to visit each of the nine Nirvanas to, first and foremost experience what nirvana feels like.  There are humans who have spend years and years in meditative state that still have yet to experience nirvana.  This piece allows you to do so with minimum effort!  
Once you have received this nirvana, your mind will be in the right place to also receive the power of the individual Buddha that you are visiting.  The Buddhas are obviously patient and will visit with you one at a time.  They have spent this long in their Nirvanas, what's another few hours or a day, or however long you decide to stay in one form of nirvana or the next?  They are spiritually enlightened, they know that patience is a virtue.  I'm telling you this, that way you know that the powers of the nine Buddhas will not compete or interfere with one another.  Quite the contrary.  They will lift each other up and the more powers you receive the more powerful your other powers will become.  
As I have said, using this piece will yield nine separate nirvana experiences.  These experience will in turn, each yield a power.  That is nine powers in total, so I think the most comprehensive way to do this is to simply list the nine powers that you will get with this piece.  They will come to you in whatever order they decide to come to you, the order in which I have the written has nothing to do with it.  I have to start somewhere.  I have used this piece, myself, many times over.  It has helped me to grow in my magic and has helped me experience magic in ways that I never experience it before.  It is definitely an experience well worth having; of this much I can assure you.  
The nine powers that each nirvana offers, are as follows:  
1.)  THIRD EYE AWAKENING.  This may seem basic, but this power is done in such a way that aligns all of your chakras.  After this your third eye will be open, relinquishing any and all intrinsic psychic powers that are there.  It also gives you additionally psychic powers to incorporate just about psychic power that you can think of.
2.)  DESTINY.  Ever wonder what your purpose in life will be?  What are you destined to become?  What kind of thins are destined to be in your future?  Most of the time people sit back and they are prisoners to a destiny that has already been given to them.  With this piece, you will be able to take your own life by the reins and dictate the path that it will take.  This means you can destine yourself for anything that you see appropriate.  You can destine yourself to be a sports star, or maybe you want to destine yourself to be a famous musician.  Whatever you think that your destiny should hold, this is what this power will allow you to manifest.  
3.)  HEALING.  This is obviously white light healing and there are no overheads with this piece, as in quid pro quo, where you have to give something in exchange for the healing, such as people who offer the Devil their soul.  Nope, not all all.  This is pure white light healing that is done on an as needed basis.  If this healing power is needed every day, then guess what?  You will be able to use it every day.  It can do spiritual healing or physical healing.  It can also be used for prevention, as well.  
4.)  TIME-TRAVEL.  This power is pretty self-evident.  Time and existence never end.  They are on an endless loop that has been lost to some parallel dimension.  The energies of all of our yesterdays are stored in some sort of existence somewhere.  The power of this piece allows you to visit those far away realms of time.  Perhaps you would like to revisit a fond memory that you are missing.  Maybe, you are more interested in visiting the pyramids the time Napoleon was scared still by some entity.  However you'd like to use this power is perfectly acceptable.  
5.)  TRUE LOVE.  This may seem like a rudimentary power to be on this list.  The truth is that true love is the most powerful emotion, yet is the most elusive of them all.  We have no problem feeling sad or feeling happy.  Feeling true love is something that has managed to escape most of us.  This is why this piece will help you experience true love.  In doing this, it will assist you in finding that one true soulmate that will love you forever, regardless of your short-comings or flaws.  They will be faithful.  This power will just allow you to tell when this comes along.  It will be like an epiphany that comes to you like, "Oh yeah, this is the one!"
6.)  COSMOSIS.  This is a power when you are not only one with yourself, but you are one with the universe.  You are on with all heavenly bodies, including the planets and the stars.  You will be cued into and given the magic behind different stargates.  These stargates are visible barriers that hide powers and abilities behind them.  Sometimes this is the ability to travel to another plane of existence.  Other times, this is a power that you don't already have.  It's like playing deal or no deal, but you will get what is behind ALL of the suitcases!  This magic is seriously powerful, so you want to spend a lot of time in this Nirvana.  
7.)  WEALTH.  What is magic without providing some kind of wealth.  This wealth works differently though and it will make sure that you have all the wealth that you need to get by.  You will not want for money when using this power.  Everything you need will be provided.  If you want to grow your wealth to extraordinary amounts, just know that this wealth accumulates base on how much you give back to other people.  The more you give back to others, the more you will notice that your own wallet will also get fatter.  This is because the monks were very humble and truly believed that giving to others would make them rich.  This will literally come physically true with this power. 
8.)  RESURRECTION.  In saying this, I mean simply to convey the fact that when using this piece you will gain the ability "resurrect" any soul that you want.  As these immortals now live in a spiritual state, they can easily reach out in the world of souls to fine other souls and bring them to you.  This can be beneficial for many different reasons.  Perhaps you have a great aunt that you never got to say goodbye to.  This piece will allow you to resurrect her presence so you can talk to her and say goodbye or whatever you want to do.  On a separate note, this piece will also allow you to resurrect souls who hold power that can be given to you through the resurrection.  Either way you use this piece, you are on the winning side!  
9.)  NIRVANA.  This piece will help you achieve your own state of nirvana via meditation.  When in this state, you will experience an insane amount of energy that you will be able to craft into any power that you want.  All you have to do is use this piece while you meditate.  The energy will come to you and when the time comes to create  a power, you will know what to do, because this piece will work you over in an internal, spiritual way via the connection you made with it.


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