Nine Stones, Nine Djinn
Nine Stones, Nine Djinn
Nine Stones, Nine Djinn
Nine Stones, Nine Djinn
Nine Stones, Nine Djinn

Nine Stones, Nine Djinn

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This is a very simple piece that we made with help from our Master Conjurer. There are 9 stones to this piece and there is nine djinn that has been summoned into this piece. You don't need the names of these djinn work with them as you will summon them by what they do for you. For instance, "I summon forth the Wealth Djinn."

Each of the 9 Djinn does something different for you and they can be summoned at your leisure. This is the perfect piece for somebody getting a foot in the magical door or the distinguished collector. Below are the 9 Djinn that you will be receiving.

1.) Djinn of Wealth-- Grants Wealth in all forms.

2.) Djinn of Fate-- Helps you supplement your destiny.

3.) Djinn of Protection-- Protects you from entities and energies that are harmful

4.) Djinn of Tongues-- This djinn speaks the Language of the Dead and can summon any type of spirit

5.) Djinn of Chances-- This djinn will give you luck in all things that are luck related or left up to chance.

6.) Djinn of Cosmic Connection-- Gives you a connection to the universe and the cosmic magic it has to offer.

7.) Djinn of Dimensions-- This djinn specializes in astral travel and will help you travel to the dimensions or realms you desire to see.

8.) Djinn of Eternal Youth-- Allows you to experience longevity in an enjoyable manner by keeping you and your body young, giving you energy, vitality, etc.

9.) Djinn of Means-- Helps you overcome all the obstacles you have in life so that way you can be successful in all that you do, no matter what they may be.

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