Nine Strands of Alien DNA
Nine Strands of Alien DNA
Nine Strands of Alien DNA
Nine Strands of Alien DNA

Nine Strands of Alien DNA

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Okay, so this is an odd piece because at first glance you wouldn't think that it does what it does; but honestly, this is an extremely powerful piece. It has come from Area 52. You're probably thinking to yourself right now, "Ummm, doesn't he mean Area 51?" The answer is no, I do not mean area 51, I mean Area 52. You see, with Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura and all those people who have made conspiracy theories a way a life for so many people, the government had to do something to cover up. They couldn't have all of their secrets exposed. So, they have moved the really deep, deep secrets to a separate sector called Area 52. There's going to be that person that asks, "So, then why do they have stuff at Area 51, then, huh?" The answer to that is simple. They wanted to create a decoy. If somebody somehow managed to infiltrate Area 51 they will see some weird stuff but not the most secretive. Stuff like the stuff at Area 51 has been being leaked for years. They will find what they want, see what they want, and leave satisfied that they have accomplished what they came to do-- expose the government. Little did they know, thy only grazed the tip of the iceberg.

Area 52 has very secretive operations going on, Such as Operation Genesis. Operation Genesis is a government operation through which they are trying to literally create their own alien race. They have collected sample DNA from UFO crashes and other encounters and they are trying to use these attributes to recreate an alien lifeform that can do all that an alien can do, but can still be controlled and manipulated to act the way its handler wants it to act. There are many reasons the government wants to be able to do this, but they have a long way to go before they full perfect what they've got going on. In the meantime, they have pieces like this one. This piece is designed to simulate a regular piece of jewelry and it does a good job at doing so. However, each dangling part that hands down in this necklace represents a strand of Alien DNA. When worn, the DNA in this necklace causes a permutation of your human DNA and infuses it with alien magic. You will not become an alien, you will only gain their attributes. As such, it's kind of like they have been able to create their own alien race, but not really because you still have free will and can do with these permutations what you will. Nobody will be able to inflict their will upon you, because you're not under psychic control. In fact, this piece heightens your intelligence, stimulating brain function and furthering your independence from psychological or mental control.

All in all, when you wear this piece you are gaining Nine Strands of alien DNA that will interact with your own DNA and infuse your body with abilities that are purely extraterrestrial. Here is a list of the Nine Strands you will be receiving.

1.) The ability to enter another person's mind and to hold full control over their actions.

2.) The ability of advanced, self-healing. This will help eliminate the dark and evil that could attach itself to your life. It also allows for advanced physical healing.

3.) The ability to simulate reality. In other words, you will be able to control what other people see. It's kind of like mind control, except you aren't controlling their mind, only what they think they are seeing.

4.) The ability to see the future. This is pretty self-explanatory.

5.) The ability of superhuman intelligence. This will increase your IQ by at least 100%. Logic and reasoning abilities will greatly increase and you will no longer be judged on the human scale, but on an extraterrestrial one.

6.) The ability of suggestion. This isn't exactly mind control. It's more the ability to create and inject a thought into another person's subconscious. For example, if you wanted to gain the attention and love of a crush but you don't want to have to keep him under lock and key with mind control magic, you could use this magic. It creates thoughtforms that will eventually convince the person who is receiving them that this is what they want to do. The government uses this one when recruiting spies and such, rather than mind control. They can create a loyal band of operatives without having to constantly worry about infusing them with mind control powers.

7.) The ability to astral travel. This might seem a bit basic, but remember, astral travel is the best way to find excess magic or to travel to realms to experience existence unlike what Earth has to offer. Astral travel is also a great way to communicate with spirits and other entities who live on the astral planes.

8.) Superhuman strength. This is pretty self-explanatory. You will gain the strength of the alien DNA you are being infused with.

9.) Superhuman speed and agility. Also pretty self-explanatory.

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