Ninth Circle Cult 2022
Ninth Circle Cult 2022
Ninth Circle Cult 2022

Ninth Circle Cult 2022

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This one is from 2022 and is all bone made from the center horn of the dark one during materialization during the ritual. 


What we are about to tell you is not for sensitive readers.  If you are offended easily or if you have a weak stomach, then I’m advising you to turn back now.  However, if you are into very powerful, metaphysical relics and gaining extreme power, then this piece is the one for you.  I want to first start off by saying that we do not condone the actions that we are about to reveal to you, the reader. Nor, did we take part in the investigation that freed this relic from its hold within Ninth Circle Cult.  We only report on what we know and we are presenting an artifact that has been created with extreme power.  

This power was originally dark in nature and I’ll get into that in just a few moments.  We have taken the liberty of neutralizing this power so that way what you are getting is a piece that is dual magic and can be used for either dark magic or white magic purposes.  Look, we don’t necessarily enjoy offering pieces that have sinister origins, but we recognize that there are people out there from all walks of life. We don’t judge. We just offer what we have and what we come across.  

We got this piece at an auction in a place that I cannot tell you about.  In fact, I can’t even tell you the state that we got it in, how long it took us to get there, or anything like that.  It’s not that we signed any kind of contract stating that we couldn’t. We’d just rather not expose our clients to that kind of seriousness.  The people that this item has come from are extremely influential and wield an incredible amount of power. They are manipulative and get people into a pickle quite quickly.  Trust us when we tell you that it’s better off that you know the least possible. Please don’t email asking us for more information about this item. What we know and what we choose to tell you are in this description.  We are not divulging any more information.  

This piece is an original relic that was worn by one of the members of an elite group called the Ninth Circle Cult.  This cult is a highly advanced and extremely covert group of very rich, powerful men. They run a child-trafficking circle and the sole purpose of these circles is to acquire very young children who are used as part of their child-sacrificing rituals.  There have been numerous whistle-blowers that have tried to uncover this ring of terror, but none have been successful. We are dealing with men who own the media, they have politicians and public officials in their back pockets, they are above the law and even law enforcement officials are scared of them.  They can pretty much do whatever they want and they do exactly that.  

According to one whistle-blower who was nameless when giving her testimony, she was “too old” at the age of 14 to be included in the ritual sacrifice, so they forced her to watch.  She said what ensued was something that she will never forget. According to her statement, she was placed in a glass holding cell where she could see it all. What she witnessed was something called the Blood Rituals of the Circle of Nine Circles.  The Circle of Nine Circles is just that. It is a circle of circles that is put together similar to a Venn Diagram. Then, there is a center circle that connects all of the other circles together. There are pictures of this included in the listing.  

The Circle of Nine Circles originates in ancient Africa.  Modern African Archaeologists, Michael Teller, and others, been conducting research on this matter.  They have found ancient African architecture and ruins in this patter. The Shape generates power. The way the shapes are set up is a sort of hidden, magical geometry that releases frequencies into the air and has even been known to significantly change the temperature.  That’s because the complex system of nine circles brings forth energies from the ley lines that surround the earth. The circles are number 1-9 and interaction between each circle and/or groupings of circles triggers different responses that brig forth different powers. One of these powers is the ability to conjure spirits and deities, but in order to do that, one needs a sacrifice.  

This brings us back to the Ninth Circle Cult.  Their altars are set up in the shape of a giant Circle of Nine Circles.  When they are performing their rituals, each of the outer nine circles is occupied by one of their members, dressed in a scarlet red robe.  In the center of the circle, there is a ritual table. Prior to the ritual, the people taking part in the ritual have already scoured orphanages and other juvenile centers to find the perfect sacrifice.  Their sacrifices are no older than 7 years old and no younger than 5. The sacrifice is forced to recite Satanic parables. The men then each take their turn raping the child and depositing semen into them.  Semen represents the virility, male essence, and pure power and has been used in several rituals documented by the late Aleister Crowley.  

After the torture comes the kill.  This is the Black Mass. The sacrifice is then killed with special sacrificial daggers that have been forged with metal from ancient times.  This is the offering they make to the Dark Lord who is called forth into the center circle and remits himself into the mortal realms via the body that was just mutilated.  The blood is allowed to run into cups and the 9 scarlet robed figures drink the blood in Dark Communion. The meat of the sacrifice is prepared by specially trained sacrificial chefs and then served to the 9 men and Dark Lord.   At this point, the Dark Lord is pleased with the ritual and agrees to grant each of the Nine Men involved a single power. Each of the nine men shares each of the nine powers, which are placed into relics that they are wearing around their necks.  

These relics are carved from bone and come in various shapes. This one is extremely special because of where that bone came from. They are both initiation and ritual pieces and only those who own one are allowed to take part. I find this to be ironic because they themselves are the reapers, but that’s just me.  People involved in the Ninth Circle Cult are rumored to be Catholic Church members such as the Arch Bishop of Canterbury and the Pope himself, the Royal Family, billionaires George Soros, and Warren Buffet, Adolfo Nicolas who is the Superior General of the Jesuit Order, numerous high-ranking officials from Washington DC and through the world, heads of security such organizations such as the CIA, FBI, MI5, MI6, the KBG, and the secretly revived Gestapo.  High ranking officials of NATO and the U.N. are well aware that this is going, as these rituals are often held on Internationally brokered lands or any of the three independent city-states, those being London, Vatican City, and Washington DC.  

The relic that you are receiving is extremely powerful.  It already holds the ability to grant things such as wealth, fame, unlimited influence, riches beyond your imagination, psychic abilities, the ability to conjure entities and scores of other types of magic.  The best part about this piece is that it holds creationary powers from the many times that it was used during a Ritual of Nine Circles. As I said before, we have negated any evil powers associated with this piece.  You can use it to create any type of magic that you desire. The ritual for getting this piece to grant you powers will be given to the person who makes the purchase, as we don’t want to put it out there for anyone to see, should the piece accidentally end up in the wrong hands.  This piece is extremely powerful, undoubtedly unlike anything you’ve ever experience.  Where the bone itself came from is extremely dark. However at one point this being was pure white light. We will NOT be getting more of these at all. 

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