Nizkiy Koldun Wand
Nizkiy Koldun Wand

Nizkiy Koldun Wand

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We have come across and we are offering a series of three wands. These wands are the key to ancient Slavic magic. You already know that Slavic magic is some of the most powerful that can be found in Europe. Out of this magic, many vampires were born. It is also out of this magic that many normal people-- such as you-- have become very powerful individuals. In rare cases, they have even been able to use this magic to obtain immortality and to shape-shift in the physical form. 

However, to understand the magic in these pieces you must fully understand the history of how Russia came into existence. Now, I know your wondering, "Wait a minute, I thought you said that this piece holds Slavic magic?" I did, and Russian magic is Slavic magic. Well, about half of it is. This is because Mother Russian has descended from Slavic roots.

Russia's statehood history is simple. It began from the time numerous Slavic tribes began to inhabit the northern and central parts of the East European plains. They were pagan and among these tribes were many sorcerers, magicians, soothsayers, charmers, and other types of magical entities. This all went down around 1000 BC. They settled and began making a living off of hunting, fishing, and farming. The magic that they used in establishing their territories rapidly solidified their hold on the region.

Long story short, their social structure broke down and a power struggle on the best way to rule the tries ensued. This led statehoods being created and include regions that we still see today-- Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Armenia, so on and so forth. Of course, they weren't called that back then, but these are the areas that I'm talking about.

The statehood that would go on to become Russian was obviously powerful. It started out the pre-state union of two cities, Kiev and Novgorod. These two cities merged together in the 9th Century and united Northern and Southern Slavs into a nation called Kievan Rus. I've only told you this because I wanted you to understand what I meant when I said "Kievan Sorcerer." So, no we are good and we can on with it.

The Kievan sorcerer was a protagonist who attempted to use his magic to cause civil unrest in the new union between the Kiev and Novgorod. In his days he traveled throughout the Slavic tribes, learning their ancient forms of magic. You see each Slavic tribe held fast to a form of magic that was taught to them by their ancestors, the ones who migrated to the plains in the first place. This magic was once unified and helped the Slavs become a powerful force, but since their separation has fallen apart. The Sorcerer once again united all of these forms of magic and become very powerful.

However, when he became a protagonist of the new alliance, he was banished to the Siberian wasteland. It was no match for the sorcerer, though. He had the unified magic of the tribes. Rumors quickly began to spread of the powerful "Ice Wizard" in the wastelands. People migrated from where they were at to go join him and that is how he was able to establish a rank and file system through which he trained very powerful sorcerers to be just like him.

Present-day the unified magic o the tribes still exists, but it is called Ice Sorcery, to pay homage to the great Ice Sorcerer himself. He could have remained immortal but opted not to. There are rites that a magician must go through in order to obtain the title of Ice Sorcerer. There are three major rites. These are Nizkiy Koldun or lower level sorcerers, Sredniy Koldun or middle-level sorcerers, and Ledyanoy Koldun or Ice Sorcerer.

Most of these sorcerers end their efforts to achieve supremacy during the Sredniy Koldun simply because the feats that must be accomplished to get to the Ledyanoy Koldun level are nearly impossible. For one, you must be exiled to Siberia with nothing but your knowledge of magic and a parka to keep you warm. Your time in Siberia is to number no less than one month before you return to prove your worthiness. During this time, the spirit of the original Ice Sorcerer will visit you and share his secrets with you.

For each level of initiation, you receive a different level "wand". This want is what holds the magic that you have learned on your journey. Each want in the procession is capable of holding more and more power and divulges more and more secret information.

For example, the wand of the Nizkiy will give you the ability to cast Ice Magic Spells. These include all entry-level spells that are taught to you by whoever is chosen to be your mentor. These are simple spells such as love spells, wealth spells, revenge spells, luck spells, things like that. It is powerful magic, but not nearly as powerful as the other two levels.

When you advance to the Sredniy, the wand begins to become more powerful. You gain all the knowledge of the Nizkiy ability, but you then gain the ability to be able to create your own forms of magic. This is magic that takes place without ever having to cast a spell. You gain the ability to control the essence and the flower of the energies that exist in the elements around you. You gain the knowledge on how to meld these energies together and with your wand, you will create the powers that you want to manifest. You also use this magic and cast this magic using the wand that has been given to you by your mentor. You can create any type of magic that you choose, but you must first mentally project the power into existence and the energies that are necessary for the creation of that power will come to and the power will be created with your wand.

Finally, there is the Ledyanoy Sorcerer's Wand. This is a very rare and hard to come by wand. Very few people have attained this wand and those who have are the ones that become the mentors to others who desire to become like them. This magic gives you the ability to hold dominion over all other forms of Slavic magic. You rule over everyone else's magic unless it is another Ledyanoy Sorcerer, then there will be a battle to determine whose power reigns supreme. However, the chance of ever seeing another one of these sorcerers is slim to none, because there are so few of them. This wand opens up the unified magic of the Slavic tribes. This gives you the ancestral magic of thousands of years of Slavic and Russian magic. It holds hundreds of powers and forms of magic that will be given to you when you bond with the wand. This magic will also be cast by the wand itself, which are the most decorated of its kind. You will obviously also be given the magic that belongs to the Nizkiy and the Sredniy levels. This is magical supremacy with the ability to create and control whatever kind of magic that you want using the techniques of the original Ice Sorcerer, whose bloodline you will receive once you have bonded with your want.

In any case, bonding with the wand is done through careful meditation and meticulous concentration. You must allow the energies to flow through you using the essence of the ancestors that have before. Tomer has provided us with a wand of each level. You may purchase one or all three. Of course, if you purchase the highest level, you won't need the lower two and if you purchase the middle you won't need the first level. However, maybe you have students that you would like to teach. These wands were found in a sarcophagus that was found buried in the ice. A frozen body that is believed to be the original Ice Sorcerer was found in a secret, frozen confines. All three of these wands will be listed as separate listing so that way there is no confusion as to what you are getting. To know what powers you are getting with the wand, refer to the descriptions above.

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