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The Nun with the bun is a lady I knew when I first turned into what I am. I went to her for advice but instead I gave her some. Before she died she told me to be at her side and I would know when. I did too. I heard her calling me inside my head and went to the convent in which she stayed. When I got there she was already passed and a the head nun met me with a doll and said it was given to her by her niece and that she wanted me to have it. As I took the doll Catherine spoke to me and told me to ask to be left alone with her body.  I did.

I sat down next to her bed not knowing what the intentions for her body were or if the family would come and get it. I asked if there would be a cremation but was told that it was not something that they believed in. While alone with Catherine she told me that after she was done speaking I was to leave and never come back that she had been abused in various ways and was pregnant. She told me that she had to end her own life in order to stop oxygen from getting to the baby that was to be born evil. She said her death was easy and once she made the choice it seemed as if God himself had taken her. She asked me to bring the doll to my lap and I did. As I held the doll I watched her full spirit form get up and enter into the nun doll.

The dolls name is now Catherine and she is active in protection and prophesy. She is aware of all things evil,has full knowledge of and power to fight said evil. Inside her garments you will find various items that do most things a human being would need done in order to survive the material world. Examples of this are items for wealth,protection,survival and health. The one I know most humans need is discernment which is given instantly.

The doll is very old and you may not ask the spirit,Catherine to go into another vessel because she will not do so. If I could ask her to go into something easier or something to wear I would have but this is her choice,not mine.

What you can expect is to get other items out of this to help you. They are inside her garments and will be shipped to you that way. You can expect for her to get up and walk around sometimes are move if she feels your in danger or need a message. She will also give you messages of a divine nature that pertain to YOU and YOUR situation. Catherine is here to help you.

I would like on occasion to speak to the buyer so that I can know how she is doing and sometimes consult with Catherine,if that is alright with the buyer.


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