NXIVM, Dominus Obsequious Sororium
NXIVM, Dominus Obsequious Sororium
NXIVM, Dominus Obsequious Sororium
NXIVM, Dominus Obsequious Sororium

NXIVM, Dominus Obsequious Sororium

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This piece is not for the weak of mind, simply due to the process by which it was obtained.  We do not condone any of the behaviors that will be spoken about, but when bad things happen, people need to know about it.  I'm not talking about the powers in this piece.  They are not inherently bad in and of themselves.  Rather, I'm talking about the actions of a very wealthy doctor with the help from elite Hollywood Stars, powerful politicians, and the heirs to billion dollar fortunes.  
As I'm sure you all know, the people in Hollywood, the stars, the big names, would all have you believe that they are nothing more than acclaimed actors and actresses.  They've earned their time in the spotlight, right?  However, most of them are really messed up, self absorbed weirdos.  we cannot blame them for this, as they are the product of the media and brainwashing.  It doesn't make what they do alright or acceptable.  Especially not when it involves the sex trafficking and the trafficking of children for other purposes.  It's actually quite frightening.  With the number of children being sold on the black market, it can be pretty simple for the famed celebrities and socialites to get their hand on a child whose existence is easy to be written off.
Meet Keith Raniere.  Doing a little bit of research will tell you that Keith Raniere claims to be the change that everybody wants.  He claims that with the development of his program, called NXIVM, that the world will be a better place.  He claims to work to advance human kind with the help of familiar celebrity faces and the backing of billion-dollar, multinational organizations.  He says that through his so-called studies he will be able to enhance the human experienced through community, social action science, technology and education.  He seems to have left some areas out, particularly, child abduction, brain-washing, preying on vulnerable people, top-secret illegal experimentation, and using people as sex slaves.  
He does this with the help of having high-profile friends, such as New York's Doctor Brandon Porter and "Smallville" co-star Allison Mack.  When they aren't stealing young children, forcing them into lewd sexual acts, and sacrificing them to their dark overlords, they can be found coercing women into joining the group.  This is where Allison Mack's celebrity comes in.  To be honest, we're not sure if Allison was once a victim of the group or if she is just in it for the power and the money, but she has helped Raniere and Doctor Porter collect innocent women who desperately needed some one's help, by insisting that the group was a sorority of sisters who promoted self-help.  
After the women join the group, they become a part of what is called Dominus Obsequious Sororium, which translates to Latin as Master Over the Slave Women.  They are forced to hand over blackmail to Raniere, including nude photos and damaging information so that way if any of the women attempted to leave the group and go public with the information, their personal lives would be in jeopardy.  To be fair, it's not like these women are ever going to live normal lives again, anyway; not after what they have been subjected to.  
Now, you may read what you read in the media.  You can read about the fear studies that have been being conducted by NXIVM and the women of Dominus Obsequious Sororium, but what we delve into goes much, much deeper than that.  We focus on the occult powers that the facilitators of the program were gaining from doing experiments on their patients.  This has been obtained from a private source who approached us to tell us that she had once been part of the group and she attempted to leave several times.  Each time she was beaten and put into solitary confinement, where she was drugged and starved for weeks on end.  
The experiments and genetic modification that were going on, in a mad doctor's attempt to create what he called, the perfect race, are enough to make any sane person ill to their stomach.  To begin with, our source tells us that she was strapped down to a chair, with shackles and leather restraints.  She was forced to allow strange men to have sex with her.  She was hooked up to a monitor system that would make strange noises.  She was forced to undergo things that caused her excruciating pain, such as being burned, being cut, having her hair pulled and being punched in the face.  All the while, the doctors studied the machine, watching as she was being tortured.  This is just the tip of the iceberg. 
Our source tells us that she was put under anesthesia on more that one occasion, while the doctors performed physical surgery on her, including a micro chipping that she has since torn out of her leg.  She told us that after several of these procedures, she began hearing the thoughts of other people.  She told us that she was able to manifest her thoughts into physical reality, simply by thinking them.  For instance, she became too strong for the doctors to control any more.  She recounts that in the beginning, she would think thoughts to herself that she wishes the doctors would be on the other side of the room and not able to hurt her.  The doctors would subsequently, violently be tossed to the side of the room like a rag doll.  One time she was trying to escape and she said she was even able to open doors with a simple thought.  She was surrounded by doctors and injected with a sleeping compound that time, waking up once more in solitary confinement.  
She said that for a while she was kept doped up in a state of bare consciousness, being barely alert and she was forced to watch grown adults, both men and women, force children into strange sex acts.  She said that she witnessed several of these children being sacrificed on ivory alters, some of the bodies even being burned and used as incense to summon what she referred to as the "shadow people".  This was her interpretation of a demon, because being born into a rich family and growing up in Hollywood, she was an atheist.  She said she had no idea how the shadow people got there, only that they appeared from the altar and that the people who were doing the raping and murdering would cry out to them in languages that she knew nothing of.  The shadow people would often take different forms, but in the end would always leave the same way they entered-- through the blood altar upon which others were sacrificed.  
She was forced to watch this and other stuff, such as people praising Satan and hailing the dark lord.  As she recalls it was just a very perverse and cruel experience, especially when you didn't know who to turn to, because so many of the elite are involve in the NXIVM.  She even showed us a branding just above her left butt cheek, where she was forced to be branded with Keith Raniere's initials, that way other groups similar to this that exist in Hollywood would know that she's already been claimed.  Apparently, these groups work together and abducting and trafficking humans is no different than rounding up cattle.  It is a threat that is very real, and if the stars and other people-- such as the Clintons and the Bronfmans (heirs to Seagram's Liquors money)-- would ever be indicted it would be for a public show of approval.  The ring is so intricate and involved and the magic that is developed has become so powerful, that even the prosecuting judges are involved.  We live in a time where the best policy is to not trust anybody who says they can be trusted.  
Our source left us with this item, which she says was developed in one of the occult laboratories of Dr. Brandon Porter.  The piece was intended to be delivered to Keith Raniere, but our source says she developed the ability to actually go into the minds of other people and control their thoughts and their movements.  She attributed the ability to this piece.  It is what gave her the ability to escape.  She actually left her body to enter the minds of the guards that stood watch by her.  She then controlled their movement to allow her to leave and allow her to be granted access through secure exits.   It was later that she realized she had been chipped, after noticing that she was being followed.  She would get a warm sensation in her thigh, almost like a tinging.  She became curious, cut herself open and found the a microchip.  She disposed of it and hasn't been followed since  The people who are doing these experiments go a long way to make sure that the people they victimize can't escape. 
This piece was given to us by our source, once she escaped and found us.  The magic in this piece is kept alive through the alchemy of 1,000 souls that have been placed into it through a soul transfusion spell.  It is what gives the piece the powers.  These souls act as guides that will guide you to the powers that you want.  They also act as protecting spirits, because they often times wish somebody had protected them from the cruelty that they were faced with.  They want you to live a happy life, so this is why they will guide you to the powers that you want and protect you.  They are simply living out their misfortunes through granting you all the fortunes that you've even wanted or needed.     
Having said that, this piece was created using sexual magic and blood alchemy.  There are tons of powers that have been set into this piece, to further Keith Raniere's quest to design the perfect race.  These powers include the ability to control the minds of others.  They include the ability use blood alchemy to birth new powers and abilities into existence.  This includes a sexual ritual that will allow you to gain powers and abilities simply by having sex to activate the creation powers that are locked in this piece. These powers are what Keith Raniere most wanted his victims to be able to do.  His plan was, after he branded and chipped them all, he intended on having them use these abilities and develop his own rival faction of Illuminati type individuals to help him take over the world.  Talk about a change for the better... this guy is sick.
This piece has been sterilized with white light.  Since it has been derived from mostly demonic influences, it has been stripped of any chance that you could go under demonic attack.  It is purely dual magic of the highest power.  You do not want to miss this one.  It is an original and it is extremely, extremely powerful.  It was never meant for us, or anybody outside of the NXIVM to see, but you know how that goes.  We bust people and make discoveries all the time and the powers come to our customers!  
This sterling silver ring is square to represent Saturn, aka Satan. This was to be worn on his pinky. I used to have one like this and now I have to wonder where it came from!

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