Occult Statue of Bern

Occult Statue of Bern

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Kindlifresserbrunnen is the name of a statue that sits in Bern, Switzerland. The statue is super creepy and depicts a sitting troll who is devouring a naked child. Next to the troll is depicted as a bag of children that he is getting ready to eat next. The statue was originally built in the mid-1500s, but nobody really seems to know the answers behind why it was built in the first place. Speculation has risen that it could be a depiction of past historical leaders, the Krampus of Alpine lore, or even simply the depiction of Roman gods. However, that is not the case at all. The fact of the matter is that the people in the town of Bern do not want to come face to face with the history of their people. Switzerland might stay neutral, but that is only because they have their own dirty little secrets to hide. Among these secrets is the child sacrifice and cannibalism that was rampant in the country during the turn of the Century. It marked a dark time in the history of humanity when the people in nearby communities became so desperate for magic that they turned to dark ways.

Part of this dark cloud that hung over them was the child sacrifice that was performed to an ancient God named Ba'al. Ba'al is the god of the Biblical tales who God implores his people to stay away from simply because of the darkness involved with him. One of these things was a human sacrifice, more specifically the sacrifice of children. In Bern, things got a little more serious when the secret societies that practice the child sacrifice began eating their sacrifices, thinking that they were consuming the bodies of gods and would thus gain their powers. However, it wasn't the presence of other gods that they gained the attention of. It was the power of Satan, who granted them the things that they wanted if they agreed to sell them his soul.

So you see the statue is a subtle reminder not to turn back to their wicked ways. As a solace for not being able to experience the powerful dark magic that they knew in days past, the piece holds its own power and form of knowledge. This is, of course, dual magic and has not been created using any type of sacrifice. Rather, there was enough energy left over in Bern to last a lifetime. It is neither positive or negative energy, it is just energy. It stems from the magic and abilities that were created there in years prior. It's actually a dual energy that is capable of manifesting dark or light magic. All of this energy has been placed in the statue that has been erected to remind the descendants not to continue down the same road.

This statue is capable of creating the magic that you ask of it, this way there is no ritual that needs to be done because they have already been done in ancient times. Now, the statue just exists for those in the secret fraternities that know of its powers to use it in order to create their own magic and magical powers. They do this by offering the statue just a drop of their own blood each time they want to create a power. They have transponder pieces that are connected to the statue that holds the powers that they have requested from the statue. It is in these pieces that the powers of their atrocious histories remain. Again, the pieces are not dark magic, they are dual magic. I have to warn you though, they have the ability to be used for dark purposes. It all depends on how the person who owns it uses it.

This is one of those pieces. Don't ask how we came across it because as per usual, I cannot tell you What I can tell you is the person that I got it from said the statue is very alive and very powerful. It doesn't just thrive on residual powers these days, as everytime somebody uses the powers of the statue, its powers grow. When using your piece, you will place a drop of your own blood right on the center of the piece. You will then wear the piece while you write down the powers that you want to manifest. You will then burn the paper that you have written it down on. This will send the message back to the statue which will grant the powers/abilities that you have asked for. These power will then be set into your piece and you will be able to use them n you whenever you want to. It is an extremely powerful piece.

This piece is more modern than some of the others that are used.  In fact, pieces are still being made that are linked to the statue, simply because people know how powerful it is.  The piece you are getting is sterling silver,  a jelly opal, and real gemstone.  

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