One Little, Two Little, Three Little Leprechauns

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Leprechauns

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This is a marvelous little piece that will bring you a ton of wealth.  Into has been conjured the presence of three ancient leprechauns.  Now you may think that leprechauns are only Irish, but that's not the case.  Leprechauns have made their home in many places all over the world.  It's just that Irish and their neighboring Anglosaxon counterparts have been the best at figuring out how to tame them.  

This piece holds three separate and unique leprechauns.  There is O'Creery who is the Irish Leprechaun.  He brings wealth by means of magic.  He will search the realms high and low to bring you whatever wealth energies and powers he can.  

Then there is the Welsh Leprechaun whose name is Cadwallader.  He is the one that brings wealth by means of chance.  You can use him in the casino or when you are playing the lotto.  You can also use him to increase your chances of winning a court case or the miscellaneous chance that you would receive an unknown inheritance. 

The final Leprechaun is named Rooney, who sounds like he might be Irish but is indeed Scottish.  He brings wealth by way of destiny.  He will help you land a job, secure a raise, make sure you qualify for a work bonus, and I know it might sound like chance, but it's destiny that you gain a windfall, so he is also in charge that kind of wealth.  

They may bicker like old men, but at the end of the day, their magic works together in order to make sure you are experiencing the wealthy lifestyle that you've always wanted.  Enjoy your trio of Leprechauns!  

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