One, Two, Three times the Hamsa

One, Two, Three times the Hamsa

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When you hold this piece to your forehead you are in for an awakening unlike any other you have ever experienced.  That is because this piece holds two Time Hamsas and one 3rd Eye Hamsa.  They have all been empowered by a set of Buddhist Monks that live in Tibet.  We get pieces from them now and again, I can assure you all of their magical items have impressed me thus far.  I guess that's one benefit of living in seclusion-- you have all the time in the world to practice your magic and nobody to bother you.  

So when you use this piece, the two smaller Hamsas inside the hands are going to give you the psychic power to see into the future and the past, but no just see into them as this piece will also allow you to pull powers from the realms of the past and the future.  You can literally go on a time journey to search for what you want or need and the bring it back to the present with you.  

The big Hamsa, which is only the Eye generates a full and total psychic awakening.  It will allow you full control over your psychic abilities including the ability to heal, the ability to read others thoughts an minds, the ability to control these same minds, the ability to create your own magic, etc.  Of course, this piece will also bring you protection.  I mean, that's what Hamsas do!!  

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