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You have no idea the things I have seen using this old witches bottle to see the unknown. My mind has been blown but really for me, not to much, still though! First let me tell you how I was told it was used but I did modify it for safety.

I was told to fill it with water to where it meets the circle before the top. I will mark it for you. Then you lay your eye on the round area and open your eye allow the water to get it in like you would an eye wash glass. Now I don't know if your water is clean or dirty so maybe you should use a safe eye wash solution. In fact I would because I don't want to say anything else. You can do with it what you want but it was told to me to use water and I did. For people looking on here I say to use a safe eye wash solution. Now with that out of the way here is what happened to me.

First I used it as I was told to. This piece came from an older man who's mother used it for many reasons but mostly to speak to people who passed on and also those who were afflicted with demonic beings in other people's homes. I used it at a house that I KNOW has negative things, evil djinn and satanic conjures that no one sent back. I will take pictures of the place for you Monday when I'm doing my HC shopping video's. I have spoken to dead beings and unusual entities that were in the flesh! YES full physical body but they took on the look of people I knew. Those were the evil and dark djinn. You never want to mess with those.

So I go over and I take a bottle of water with me to use and fill my glass. I did one eye and then the next. As I opened my eyes I sat down and looked at the TV. Off on the side I saw my first demon which looked like a thousand flies forming a person. I know from experience that they can be all sizes but the bigger the more powerful. I have seen them the size of cats and those who towered over me. This one towered over me. I don't care who you are, or how powerful you are, these things can influence you to do things you would never do. If your mind is strong you can stop it but it is hard. 

Once I saw them the only option is to rid them. This wasn't going to happen because they owner was to far gone. So I guess they will live with that. Not my problem if they don't want to listen. Knowing that the place was like that I needed to go to another place with no history. This place was where this one woman is under a true possession. I wondered if it was her house or just her. I personally saw her eyes go black. She is also a racist and works with Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper, this is no lie! I have pictures of her and screen shots of what she has to say in the hiring of people for TV. She specifically asks for no whites. What has the world come to? Well it has come to plenty of racist bullshit and the media and TV allow it. Yes I can prove what I'm saying. Both Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen surprise me since they are gay and it wasn't that long ago that gays had to stay in the closet. So for those people to discriminate against others is mind blowing and by the way are they not white?  I know I myself will not suffer anyones bullshit or racist shit talk. Sure I will crack a joke that isn't PC but then again as long as we have a double standard I will continue. This woman hates whites and Asians. Hmmm, I wonder what they did to her? This woman is a serious piece of human waste. She treats her mother like crap, is so disrespectful I would smack the lips off of her if it was my daughter. In fact it was just this morning that my daughter who knows better took a tone with me that I didn't like. She wasn't disrespectful but her tone was not to my liking and I told her, I don't care how old you are I will take your face off! She apologized as she was wrong. I come from a time when respect was actually taught and where parents ruled the roost not snot nosed little brats. My kids knew better because a look could would set them straight. If by some chance anyone acted out I told them, live it up, have a grand ole time because when we get home I hope it was worth it. I was never my kids friend, I was the teacher and the life guide. I was to set them on a path. I did my job and now I wish others would do the same. I think the world would be a better place. But enough of the racist human waste, let me tell you more of this.

Knowing that the woman is really possessed and has had many exorcisms I tried other places. I went to another persons house that had no issues just to see if I could find anything. Low and behold I found that a lady died there and still hung around. Once I saw her through the use of the glass and she realized I wasn't afraid then I could see her with out. The people were surprised but happy to know she was there and it is not a good relationship.

In more testing I saw rare species of spirits and entites and I had no issue with any of them. So if you need to open your eyes this just might be the piece for you. If you have relatives you want to see and you feel they are hanging around, again I would get this one. I only have one like this.

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