Operative 52

Operative 52

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Operation Artichoke was a CIA project that focuses on interrogation methods, which arose as a direct result of Project Bluebird.  One Operation Artichoke document reads, "Not all viruses have to be lethal... the objective includes those that act as short-term and long-term incapacitating agents.  Artichoke explored areas such as hypnosis, forced morphine addiction and withdrawal, and use of other chemical agents such as LSD.  They used these to create amnesia on the people they experiment on, as well as ways to cripple them to varying degrees.  They used these chemicals to experiment with the altering of the immune system, the central nervous system, as well as the ability to alter the state of the mind.  
What they didn't plan on developing was a prototype human that has been referred to as Operative 52.  Operative 52 is the creation of the perfect human.  Through using pathogens, antibodies, Super T cells, and a mix of magic, Operative 52 was created.  The cocktail that has created Operative 52 has since been destroyed.  However, there is that one Operative that was created, who is literally immune to everything-- every illness, every mental disorder, every physical ailment-- even death.  Operative 52 is virtually indestructible.  It cannot be drowned.  It can live through fire.  It cannot be blown up, shot, stabbed, or anything else.  It has obtained immortality.  It has superhuman strength, speed, agility, ultrasonic hearing, night vision, and only needs Vitamin D for energy.  It is literally the creation of the world's only superhuman of its kind.  It doesn't get any better than this.  
Why are we mentioning all of this?  Well, you can think of Operative 52 as a vigilante.  It doesn't go around blowing up buildings, but it has put an end to a lot of the evil projects that were going on at the hand of the US government.  It has disbanded a lot of these projects.  Only because Operative 52 wants these types of procedures to be 100% completely transparent and that's never going to happen.  Operative 52 was killed during war, torn away from his family, and brought back to life only as a guinea pig for the commencement of Operation 52, from where it got its name.
We have this item that was created by Operative 52.  This piece is supersonic healing.  When you use this piece, it will give you a lot of the abilities that Operative 52 has.  You will not gain immortality.  I'll tell you that from the onset.  What you will gain is superhuman speed, strength, and agility.  You will gain super enhance white light healing powers.  You will be able to heal people simply by thinking healing thoughts that are directed toward them.  You will be able to heal yourself of all impurities, including physical and mental.  You will be given the ability to be in tip-top shape at any size and age.  It really is an incredible piece and your chance to exist as close to Operative 52 conditions than you ever will.
This necklace is sterling silver and is the original he wore before his human death. This was allowed for whatever reason to stay with him. Through this piece, we also know he was Irish Catholic.

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