Oracle of Giu - More Than Just a Mummy
Oracle of Giu - More Than Just a Mummy

Oracle of Giu - More Than Just a Mummy

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It seems that my voyage to Cambodia proved to be more productive than what I thought it was going to be.  Not only did I end up with the super powerful piece that was listed that I found among the City of Temples, but I also wound up with a separate and equally as baffling piece.  You wouldn't believe it, if you didn't experience first hand, which is why I brought back a piece.  This way, at least one person other than myself will be able to have the same experience that I have had.  
The experience came when I was traveling through India.  Even in these modern times, prefer to take the long way.  Before, it was I took a horse drawn carriage or I walked.  These days, things have gotten a bit easier with the invention of automobiles.  I almost never fly, unless there's a particularly purpose to me flying.  With the magic that I have it would be just as easy for me to teleport myself.  It's more beneficial, I have learned, to travel slowly this way you can take it all in.  I would have missed out on a ton of magical items had I not had this philosophy.  Perhaps, being an immortal has allowed me enough time to feel this way.  Even in a mortal life, though, this principal can be applied.  Stop and smell the roses, so to speak.  
What I am getting by going on is that I would not have encountered the magic that allowed me to make this piece had I rushed back from Cambodia.  The magic I'm talking about is a magic that exists in a small village called Giu in the section of India known as the Spiti Valley.  The power comes from a mummy who is 500 years old.  
Mummy is enough of a word to arouse anybody's curiosity.  Now that I have your attention, I will tell you that this mummy had a very peculiar set of circumstances.  It has the ability bleed just as a living human.  It also grows hair and nails.  This I have experienced on my own, in visiting the mummy.  I almost didn't even go to see the mummy, save for the fact that I stopped to lodge in a small village with a man named Suraj.  Suraj is the one who introduced me to the mummy, telling me that locals believe that the mummy is still very much alive.  TO them, he is simply in a heightened state of meditation that has allowed him to become immortal.  He looks pretty mummified and non-human to me.  Having said that, the mummy does have a pretty good set of teeth.  Who am I to judge? 
This mummy, whether still alive, or not, has made itself quite present to myself.  What I mean in saying that is that is the mummy is not alive, it surely can be enlivened.  I went to see the Mummy where it is kept by night, because I wanted to have some time by myself with the mummified monk.  Suraj was able to persuade some of the people watching over the mummy by night, to allow me a few minutes with the body. These few minutes would prove to very fruitful, though.  The moment I was alone with the mummy, I performed a blood ritual, by place drops of my own blood on they mummy's forehead.  
I expected some kind of a reaction, but I must admit I was not expecting the kind of reaction that I got.
The mummy didn't just begin to communicate, but its body changed entirely.  It change from mummy to full on body.  It got up and began to walk around.  You could hear its bones crack as it moved.  It apparently had not moved for some time.  I'm going to guess five hundred years.  I watched as the body slowly began to take its previous mortal form.  It was a very incredible thing to see.  The mummy them began communicating.  It didn't communicate in words, but rather communicated with psychic phrases that it forced into my head.  In return, I could feel it reading my own thoughts.  It was a very connected feeling, like two consciousnesses joined together.  
The mummy is not just a monk.  The mummy is an ancient oracle, one who can show and change the future.  This power comes to him from the fact that when he was still a full on mortal he channeled the powers of the Oracles of Delphi.  The Oracle of Delphi was one of the most powerful Oracles to ever exist.  This oracle was able to tell the Grecian people their future and when offered the appropriate sacrifices could easily change their future to incorporate those things that they wanted.  This oracle is no different, except it has taken a more oriental twist.  I love oriental twists!  Oriental magic is some of the most unique energy you will find. 
I stayed with the oracle for some time and was amazed at how accurately it told my past and how confidently it predicted my future.  Some of what the Oracle told me actually came true.  I opted not to change my future in any way, because I enjoy spontaneity.  It has helped me survive this immortal life so far, and I think not changing is for the better.  Before I left, the oracle assumed its previous position and re-mummified itself, but not before it assisted me in creating this summoning item.  
When used this summoning item brings forth the presence of the monk from Giu.  This monk will still be in oracle form and will take you by the hand to show you your entire past.  Once you believe in the monk, it will also take you by your hand and show you your future.  It will show you each detail of the future as if you were really there and it will really happen.  The monk will allow you to change whatever you want about your future at any time.  You can change your future in ways that are suitable to what it is you want from life.  Money, children, security, fame, fortunate, wealth, a nice home, a fast car, a great education, etc.  Whatever it is that you want shall be granted to you simply by projecting your desires in the mind of the oracle.
The Oracle will appear to you in mummy form.  You will prick your finger as i did when I first awaken the oracle monk.  Watch the monk begin to take place.  For waking him up, you will receive the reward, as I did.  You can ask the oracle for anything, as I did.  It is a win-win situation.  

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