Ordo Heptet, Get Hard or Go Home!
Ordo Heptet, Get Hard or Go Home!

Ordo Heptet, Get Hard or Go Home!

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We love to go places that do not concern us.  This is how we find some of our most amazing powers.  It is also how we came across the power that is in this piece.  Unless you are an ardent follower of archaeological news, you probably would not have realized that Egypt just uncovered a grave that dates back to 4,400 years ago.  Their archaeologists are always on the move, but this is one of the most significant finds in recent years.  The tomb was found in the western Necropolis, which is a place known for the burial of people from the Old Kingdom.  It was said that the tomb belonged to a lady named Hetpet, who was a very high powered woman of Egyptian society.  She served as a priestess to Hathor, who is one of the most powerful Egyptian deities. 
The grave is quite ornate, with images of Hetpet in scenery where she is over seeing hunting and fishing activities  What isn't told to the public, simply because the government doesn't want them to know, is the fact there is also an image where Hetpet is overlooking an ouroboros. An ouroboros in an ancient Egyptian entity that is a snake eating his own tail.  The ouroboros symbolizes cyclic life and immortality.  It is one of the most revered and sought after deities in Egyptian history because of the power that it can grant people.  
Now, you know that finding something out like this would only draw our attention.  You know that we had to have a hand in it.  That is why we sent somebody to Egypt to disguise themselves as a member of the department of antiquities to get a closer look at what the burial site has to offer.  We sent him there with this piece, into which he summoned all the energies of the newly discovered grave.  H then brought the piece back to us so we could work with it to determine what was going on at this site.  
To begin with, I don't know why the DOA lied to people and didn't tell them about the painting of Hetpet with the Ouroboros.  That doesn't sit well with me at all.  The idea behind it all is probably so that way they can take all the power from the grave site before they open up to the public, because the are power hungry like that.  It never ceases to amaze me.  I mean, we are power hungry too, but only so that way we can share it with everyone.  The government is always trying to oppress with the many powers that they find all over the world  It's crazy. 
During the investigating of this piece, we learned that it holds the presence of Hetpet, the priestess of Hathor  who is also the guardian of the Ouroboros.  When you use this piece, you are receiving the spirit of Hetpet, who is more like an Egyptian goddess than anything.  She has a TON of magic to her.  First of all, she offers the powers of Hathor Hathor is the primeval goddess, who later transformed into Isis.  However, it is from Hathor and her powers that all other gods and goddesses were born.  We're talking about original goddess status here.  She holds all the powers to everything you could ever ask for.  She is not shy in granting them, either.  She will grant you whatever you ask of her.  She even has the power to send you into the Egyptian chambers of life if that is what you really want.  
The chambers of life are the places where Egyptian priests and priestesses would go obtain their knowledge that would allow them to connect with the gods and goddesses and to practice their powers.  These places are considered to be highly sacred and extremely magical.  We have a piece that was once kept in these chambers for a total of seven days.  It came out with power beyond anything you could have imagined.  That's for another time though.  My point is that Hathor powerful and will give you entrance to these chambers, because she can do anything that you ask her to.  
What's more is that Hetpet was the keeper of the Ouroboros and as such, she is given the ability to grant its powers.  With this piece you will be able to gain cyclic rebirth and the ability to live an immortal life-- if that is what you want.  Some people don't like immortality, but most people do.  It is one of the most sought after powers, if I'm being honest.  

When you use this piece, Hetpet will come to you in the form of an Ouroboros, who will untwist herself and reveal the goddess to you.  This is when you will be able to develop a connection with her.  She will give you all the powers that I have previously mentioned, which include the ability to ask Hathor to grant you anything you ask for.  This piece is like go hard or go home.  It is full blown Egyptian magic.

This is all sterling silver and a antique piece. This should open to fit anyone.

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