Oriental Gemini

Oriental Gemini

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This piece holds two Gemini twins from the Orient. Gemini twins, like actual true Gemini twins, are identical twins that are born under the star sign Gemini. They can't be fraternal and they can't be born outside of that zodiac sign. This is the only way that they can be Gemini twins. Whether they are from the Orient are not, they are part of the collective group of magical twins called the Geminis. I'm sure no all of them realize that they hold magical powers, but they do.

This particular set of Geminis twins has the power to grant magic. I mean, they also use their magic for their own purposes, but they have the ability to grant this magic to other people as well, which is not as common as you might think. Some wizards and magicians are only capable of creating magic to use as their own.
This particular piece holds empty vessels into which the Geminis have cast holding spells. This is so that when you get this piece you are able to call out the names of the powers that you want in each vessel. You will do this by holding the stones (which are all genuine, by the way) in between your fingers and simply stating what power you want it to hold. They can't do immortality and will not give you the ability to sabotage or kill anybody. Other than that you're fair game.

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