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One of my favorite cultures and groups of people is, and has always been, the Etruscans.  The Etruscan peoples are those that occupied most of what we would consider modern day Italy.  Their nation was inclusive of these parts and then some more and they are a huge preface to what would eventually become the Roman empire.  Whether or not you know who the Etruscans were, you undoubtedly have heard of the Romans.  Most of what became the Roman Empire was lent to them by the Etruscans including their forms of government including the senate as well as their religion and the Roman Pantheon.  This a mere testament to the power that the Etruscans held during their reign on Earth and even the reign of their influence years after they were assimilated into the Roman Empire. 

One of my favorite places to visit has always been what is called the Hescanas Tomb.  It is named for the family that owns the tomb, who were undoubtedly influential aristocrats of the times.  The tomb is located is the Village of Porano, which boasts a host of ancient treasures including the Castel Rubello (A Roman fortress) and also the Villa Paolina which is a huge architectural complex.  In my professional opinion, and I've been around for what seems like an eternity, the most enchanting place in this village is the Hescanas Tomb.  This tomb is also the place from which I have received the piece that I am going to be making available to those who are reading this passage. 

During my travels to the Hescanas Tomb, it was only natural that I made good friends with the keeper of the tomb.  He is actually the one that owned it, until he eventually deceased and the house was put up for sale.  It seemed as though nobody wanted the place and it became broken down and run over with all types of vegetation.  The place really went downhill after the farmer was no longer there to take care of it.  As far as the tomb, it has remain preserved due to the ancient power that is locked deep within.  I probably would have been able to figure out that these powers were there provided that I was able to spend a few solid hours alone in the place.  Unfortunately it never happened.  With all the time in the world on my hands, this was the one place that seemed to elude me the most.  That was until the farmer showed me the reason why he kept such a strong hold on the place. 

In my most recent encounter with the farmer, I pulled him aside and simply asked him if had an inkling of the power that was present in the tomb.  I mean, for anyone who has more than an ounce of psychic power, the place is a hot spot of energy.  Even for those who don't have any psychic power whatsoever would be able to tell that there is something special about the place.  It emanates an energy and even if you can't tell what it is, you can tell that it is there.  This is why I pulled the farmer aside to ask him.  At first the farmer just stared at me blankly as if I hadn't asked him a question at all.  Then his face began to contort into a smile and he told me to follow him, after which he led me down a flight of steps in his farm house.  He picked up some sort of relic that he carried with him through a small hole in the side of his basement.  The hole led way to a corridor which eventually led through a rock door in the tomb. 

We entered the tomb with the relic.  The farmer set it on a rock formation in the far corner from where we had entered.  At began to pulsate different colors of light upon the chamber wall.  The artwork that was on the wall was lit up on the wall in flashes of light that reminded me of fireworks in the night sky.  As if this was normal and it happened all the time, which I later learned it did, the artwork began to come to life.  Most notably, I watched as an artwork depicting Laris Hescanas, Etruscan Sage, arose off the wall.  The chariot flew through the room and disappeared only to return a short time later.  At its arrival several robed figures stepped out of the Chariot, one whom they called Leinth.  I recognized immediately that he was the God of the Dead. 

To my astonishment, the Farmer began conversing with the robed figured and then opened the locked door to the tomb.  The robed figures one by one moved out of the tomb at an incredible speed like lightning.  The farmer then explained that those whom had showed up were vampires from the realm of the Dead, relatives of the Hescanas family who had been buried in the tomb.  The Chariot illustration was to depict that fact that the Hescanas now live in the Underworld as a very powerful coven of vampires.  Through the power of the spells that have been enchanted into the drawings on the wall, the vampires are still allowed to come to the mortal world once every moon cycle to hunt for mortal blood.  It is a key factor in their existence and also in the magic that they practice. 

Before too long, the clan was back, but this time didn't seem nearly as ravenous as before.  The reason they didn't try to attack the farmer or myself is because the farmer, just like these beings, comes from a long line of Grave Keepers who have taken the relic that is necessary to enliven the tomb to the tomb so that way these Vampires, with the God of the Dead could come back to the mortal realm to get their fill of mortal blood.  There are no worries though, because it a rare twist, these vampires cannot infect mortals by biting them.  Nor do they ever kill a mortal by taking all of their blood. They merely enchant the mind of the mortal, take the blood they need, use their advanced healing ability to heal the bite wound, and then reprogram the mind of whom they've bitten so that way they can never remember it.  It's a complicate processes but is conducted with such finesse that nobody has ever been able to figure out the farmer's secret until now when he willingly shared it with me. 

The only way to ever become of of these vampire forms is through the transfer of power.  Naturally, I was given pieces that will do this by the farmer, or else I probably would have never written about this in the first place.  It is what I do - provide mortals with powers only an immortal will ever be able to acquire.  Accordingly, these items are now available for purchase by you, the mortals.  With one of these items you will gain the practice the magic of the Hescanas Vampires.  I am aware that I did not go into much detail about the powers the possess.  This is because they possess the normal powers that one would come to associate with any sanguine vampire.  When you use your piece you summon the powers of the Hescanas Vampires and you will be able to practice all of the magic, which dates back to the times of the Etruscans who were naturally star watchers and have mastered just about every power there is to think about in the realm of sanguine vampirism.  You can also summon the God of the Dead for his assistance if you need it.  After all, you are now going to be inducted to the ranks of the Hescanas Vampires, which means full access to any powers and magic of the Underworld in addition to the powers associated with you new found sanguine identity.  Embrace the power and embark upon change!



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