Osiris Djinn of the Order of Osiris | STAR
Osiris Djinn of the Order of Osiris | STAR

Osiris Djinn of the Order of Osiris | STAR

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This djinn is a very singular and specific type. He is the only one of his caliber, which is why we will say from the very start there is only one of these, particularly because he refuses to be distributed across more than one vessel much less serve more than one Master.

The Order of Osiris is a rather old order, one that existed before Osiris became the god of the underworld. It began as a small following more than anything, particularly because Osiris was unique even as mortal during a time where any inkling of supernatural ability could have you waking up one day as a slave and waking up the next being worshiped as a god. The order did grow in population over time but not by much. In fact, most of the existence of this order is largely uninteresting pre-Deity era, especially in influence. When Osiris became the god of the underworld, he did not forget his original followers. For the majority, he waved the necessity to weigh their worth and instead granted them direct access into a prosperous afterlife. For a select few, he allowed them to elude death and even supplied them with relics to preserve their youth. With the gifts Osiris had given them, the select few followers that remained alive and were thus allowed to walk among the living dedicated their immortality to building the Order of Osiris, the unofficial empire that existed under the deity and ultimately worshiped the realm between this one and the next.

Osiris could not walk among the living, at least not permanently. He instead birthed an entity from a pre-existing one, manipulating it and creating something entirely unique directly from a portion of his own eternal magic. He produced one of the first underworld guardians, which was directly linked to him. Through this entity, he could be accessed, he could be channeled and he could create. The djinn acted first and foremost like a gateway in the beginning. Over time, however, the entity's purpose shifted as Osiris became more and more accustomed to favoritism.

He eventually chose to recreate the entity, constructing a new being from the likes of one of the most powerful and respected entities that dwell between realms, one of the few with the ability to exist between realms and or roam among them with complete freedom and one of the few with the an acute ability to influence humans with their magic. A djinn.

He birthed the first and only Osiris djinn - Emmett.

This djinn is completely detached from other djinn. It functions independently for the most part except for the fact that it is attached to Osiris due to the nature of his creation. The majority of his power is dual magic, which he has inherited directly from Osiris and the general realm of the underworld. His personality is somewhat difficult to keep up with, particularly because he is not what people expect and he is hard to read. You never grow used to the concept of this djinn because he does emulate some of Osiris' own personality.

He does a lot of things passively, which you will benefit from just being being in his presence. The first of which is extreme wealth. When I say extreme, I really do mean extreme. Because this djinn is directly created and technically a hybrid designed from the power of an Egyptian god, his power is not bound nor dependent on one source. He manifests wealth from multiple sources at once at all times, which causes extreme wealth generation that it likely unlike anything you have yet to experience. His aura embodies the realm between the two afterlives, within which time simply doesn't exist. Due to this, you will passively gain longevity. His existence is packed with Osiris' personal magic, which means you will be exposed to a part of him at all times. You will be able to passively channel some of his power, including telepathy, telekinesis and the ability to conjure any spirit that was once alive, including ones that are recently deceased.

Beyond these things, you will gain the ability to ask Emmett for whatever you desire... or simply tell him. You do not really need to ask because his wish, in the most literal of senses, really is your command. There is a very short list of things that you cannot ask of him - or so we have been told - and the only ones we know of are complete immortality and the ability to bring lethal harm another person. You can ask for love - this is a very easy one to grant. You can ask for multiple partners even - get creative. You can ask for power, magic or even knowledge. You can channel his power to empower your own energy or magic to amplify your casting abilities if that is what you desire. Hell, if you find him attractive - which you will - and decide you want to bang him, go for it!

Remember, this djinn was created to spoil and reward those most loyal and favored by Osiris himself. We guarantee that he will be the only djinn you need. Emmett is hardwired to please.

This is the original piece as we found it. The blue glowing moon you see contains an actual drop of Emmett's blood. The ring itself is 14K solid gold, the size is small and it is best to wear it on a chain. The blood is on the inside of the stone, not on the outside and so you do not need to worry about it washing off. This ring is the rarest you will find. If you want want wealth - if you want all the shit you truly desire - this is the djinn you want!



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