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In this last month I have been emailed by trouble makers. So I feel it is time to address it. I was first emailed by a woman who asked me about a seller she bought a doll from. She asked if she was a fake seller. How would I know? I don't know them and I don't know you. This is what I will always email back IF I email you back. Then I got two others who  complained that they lost a layaway, yet they didn't pay for it. This was with another seller. Um, what did you expect would happen? When I say that to them they get extremely mad, so why email me. I would do the same to you. I have also been emailed about sellers who said they won't advertise for me. Do I care? No! Then I hear about how they are all talking about each other. Do I care? No! I really don't want to hear any of it. I don't care if I'm in the "loop" as one put it to me. I am my own loop, seriously. I don't get into the business of other sellers and if they are wise they don't get into mine either. I will never tell you if a seller is good or bad unless they have stolen work. Common sense tells you if they copied anothers work then if can't be real. I know that on Bonanza there is a seller who copied all my listings and I will always be more then happy to pass that name along. Sellers who steal are the most pathetic of them all. They are lazy, liars and cheats. They have no self respect and are stealing your money. Forums are a great place to find the most cheats. You will see them asking questions and buying and then all of a sudden they are up and selling. I will never forget the idiot with dragons falling out of her walls. I was drinking iced tea when I read it and nearly pissed myself. I also can't forget that wonderful dynamic duo from Puerto Rico and that fake organization. They called other sellers fake while promoting the worst of the worst. A few of the followers would go on other forums and facebook pages and spy for the two fruit cakes. The best part of the dynamic duo was a well known seller who was a ass kisser for them. I can never live that scared but then I guess it is anything for a sale. In the end the seller just looked bad. I should say worse then they already did. I never go with the flow to make a sale and I don't give one damn who I upset. People who used to buy from them came to me with how mad they were and most were sellers! I knew they didn't like her but again that is not my problem. I knew to steer clear when she would tell me all kinds of crap about other sellers. Some I feel ignored it as it should be. The bottom line is some will get into bed with snakes for a dollar but I will never be one of them. No I will not tell you who the seller is.

Is there a difference in testing an item and going on a investigation, yes! A item is just that. You test it to see what it does and if it works. A place holds energy or spirits and you stay there to see what happens. I'm in such a place now. Where I'm at now is crazy and every night is a new adventure. I will wrap this up tomorrow, thankfully!

The upcoming sale is soon but I don't know when yet. I have had a lot of offline sales and need to make sure everything that is sold is removed. I doubt I will get that done but I'm going to try. So this is me telling you now that some things may already be gone. The sale will only be for two weeks this year but I will give advance notice of when it will be. The reason we are holding off is because I have a lot going on right now and I need to be able to ship it in time for everyone.


Lets address shipping! If you live in the U.S.A shipping is free. If you are outside of the country it is not. If you want express shipping you will have to pay that extra money. Sometimes when you want express shipping it is more then what the item cost. If that is what you want I will send you a bill and your item will be shipped after you pay it. If not it will go slow boat to China.

I don't hold items. Most people that ask for a item to be held never get it. So for those that do, sorry but the rest have wrecked it for you.

There are no layaways during the Christmas sale. If you have a layaway now it does not go on sale and if you have not paid on your layaway or your not making progress you may lose it. If you have no arrangement with me, make one!

If you are not a regular customer you will not get free items so please don't place them in your cart. I will refund your penny with out even emailing you.

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