Palingenesis:  The Dead Live
Palingenesis:  The Dead Live

Palingenesis: The Dead Live

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This piece has been given power from a very ancient and sought after relic called the Loculus. The Loculus is a satchel that is believed to hold the nails that were used to crucify Christ. They his oxidated blood in a solid form and they grant a very specific power that people have been chasing after for centuries. This power is called Palingenesis.

The term Palingenesis comes from the Greek "palingenesie". It refers to the idea of regeneration and rebirth. It is the ability to reconstruct and revive-- with magic-- any destroyed physical body. This could be a plant, an animal, a mineral, a human, etc. Basically Palingenesis, through an ancient form of white light magic, reconstructs the destroyed body parts of the deceased, reunites them, and brings them back together. Life is breathed into the reconstructed parts and they will come back to life.

This piece has been chosen to hold these powers because it is a spiral. A spiral has no beginning point and no ending point. It just goes on forever, just like the eternal life that is brought forth by Palingenesis. This piece holds this power called Palingenesis to bring inanimate objects back to life. This allows you to bring these things back to life on the astral realms, where you will be able to meet them. The reason you have to visit them in the astral realm and not the human realm is that it will throw off the energetic balance of Earth if people start showing up from the dead.

Nobody is outside of the realm of possibility when using this piece.  You can resurrect anyone of your choosing, just to relive your connection to them or to gain magic from them.  

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