Pandora's Gift
Pandora's Gift

Pandora's Gift

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  In the Greek realm of gods and goddesses, Pandora plays a significance, because she was the first mortal woman created by the gods.  She was created when Zeus gave Hephaestus to command to do so.  She was created, much like any other human creation, using water and earth. She was endowed with many gifts of the gos.  Athena clothed her body.  Aphrodite gave her unearthly beauty.  Apollo gave her musical ability and Hermes gave her intelligence and wisdom in the ability to communicate.  

When Prometheus stole fire from the heaven to give to the mortals, Zeus took vengeance upon him.  His form of taking vengeance was to present Pandora to Prometheus' brother, Epimethius.  In due process, Pandora was give a beautiful jar as a wedding gift.  She was also given the instructions that she should never, under any circumstance open that jar. Impelled by her sheer curiosity, which ironically was also given to her by the gods, Pandora opened the box.  All the evil contain therein was released to world and spread to every corner of existence.  She made haste to close the container, but the contents had already escaped.  The damage had already been done.  

Pandora was not punished for her utter refusal to obey the command of Zeus.  Zeus knew that Pandora would open the box, it was his plan all along.  He sought to punish Prometheus for stealing fire from heaven in the first place.  Pandora was deeply saddened by her inability to fulfill her duty and as legend goes the only attribute that was in the bottom of the jar after she shut the lid was the spirit of hope.  

Some years ago, I traveled to Mount Athos; not that I really remember when because immortality has the ability to kind of just mush all of your time together as one.  Sooner than later, you don't even really realize that time is a factor.  In all actuality, it man-made anyhow, so when I say some years it could be four or maybe is was twenty-four.  I can't quite remember.  Either way, I mean to tell you that I traveled to Mount Athos in the past.  Mount Athos has been considered, for a long time, to be a holy mount, almost similar in fashion to Mount Ararat.  It is said that many magical experiences have come to past at the apex of the mount.  Athos even boasts one of the most beautiful monasteries that you could possibly feat your eye upon.  This is not where I was staying, though.  I sought out a place to stay that would be silent, so that way I could do some self-searching.  I come into contact with so much magic and so many powers that sometimes even I have to take a break to sort through things.  It doesn't change the fact that I'm very powerful, I just need to make sure that I have a clear cut inventory of all the things that I have ever discovered.  It's been a long time since I was born back in France, so every once in a while, even immortals need that seclusion where they can meditate upon their own existence.  Jesus did the same thing, for forty days and nights, in fact.  

My journey to Athos wouldn't be forty days and nights.  In all actuality, I was barely there a weak, alone by myself, covered by a blanket of forest, when I encountered the girl.  I don't think that she really noticed me at first, when I discovered her bathing herself in a nearby warm spring.  I don't know why the spring was warm, the aren't usually.  My guess is that she made it that way.  Either way, I found her singing loudly while bathing in nature.  I stared at her naked body, with perfect round curvatures in all the right places.  Her skin was pale as snow and her cheeks bore a subtle rosiness color.  Her lips were full and read and her hair fell around her face in golden brown locks.  She stood there, bathing in the hot spring, singing her song, and I couldn't help but to be mesmerized by her beauty.   As I stood staring, she peered over to notice me.  When she did I nearly fell off of the tree I was leaning on to support myself.  She beckoned for me to join her.  I could barely speak as I called out to her and asked her who she was.  She told me her name was Helvetica and if I pleased, I could share her hot spring.  It struck me as rather odd that she was in the wilderness bathing in the first place, let alone she would want me to join her; but my body told me otherwise.  Pretty soon I found myself devoid of clothing as well.  

As we washed together in the hot spring I couldn't help but notice a bit of sexual tension.  I began to ask Helvetica about herself.  I was in awe to discover that she is actually a recluse who lives in a cave nearby.  She lives off of the land and makes her own way.  I explained my story thinking that she was going to think that I had gone made, for sure, when I told her that I was immortal.  She just smiled and assured me that she knew exactly what I was talking about.  It was then that she informed me that she was the offspring of Pandora, the original woman created by the gods.  It was her job to watch over the jar, and the few contents that were left inside.  She informed me that she hadn't seen the likes of a man for sometime and that if I would give her one night of my time she would reward me with a great gift.  At this point, I nearly crawled out of my skin with excitement and the rest of that night I spend couple with the most beautiful woman that I had ever laid my eyes on.  It was a very sensual, compassionate night.  It wasn't wild, more like the type of encounter where you can feel that magic being made between two individuals.  In the corner of the cave, I could see the jar, almost feel it.  I wanted so badly to open it, but remember the legends of the past, I dare not.  Besides, I was a bit preoccupied so as it was.  

Intoxicated with sexual passion and fatigue, I fell asleep not long after we were done making love.  Much to my chagrin, when I awoke in the morning it was all gone.  There was no fire, no smoke, no jar, nothing.  Even more bizarre there wasn't a hot spring where it had been before either.  As I pulled my clothes on, I noticed something in my pocket and the piece that is picture in this listing was in my pocket.  I traced my fingers over and as I did I heard Helvetica's playful chuckling echo throughout the cave.  I scratch my head and pondered whether or not what I had just seen was reality or a dream.  Judging by what was in my pocket, I gathered that the encounter was 100% real, because the powers in this piece are 100% real as well.  

The piece that was gifted to me is called the Pandora's Gift of Beauty.  Just as Pandora was given beauty and intelligence at her conception, so will this piece bless you with the same characteristics.  Pandora's name means the "all-gifted" and this piece is going to do the same for you.   This piece is going to stop your aging in its tracks.  You will amazed to find that any aging affects that has been taking a toll on your body will suddenly stop and in due time will completely cease to exist.  This piece will give you beauty and allure.  These two things alone are all that is necessary to find true love.  You will appear beautiful to all, including yourself, as you gain the beauty that was once gifted to Pandora.  If you are a man, you can substitute the word handsome.  This piece will give you a personality and charm that will allow you to win over the hearts of the masses, that way you can talk them into to doing the things that you want them to do.  There's nothing better than feeling like you are America's sweetheart, which this item will five to you as it fine tune's your personality with charm and finesse.  Finally, this piece will you brains.  It's quite apparent that you already have a brain, or you wouldn't be reading this description right now.  The powers in this piece will jumpstart a spiritual transformation, in which not only will you be given all mortal knowledge, but also the knowledge over psychic abilities and white light magic! 
This piece is very old and beautiful with a coloring of glass that is heavenly. This glass was placed into the frame around the early 1800's. Can be used by either male or female.


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