Papa Lega's 8 Eyes of Voodoo
Papa Lega's 8 Eyes of Voodoo
Papa Lega's 8 Eyes of Voodoo
Papa Lega's 8 Eyes of Voodoo

Papa Lega's 8 Eyes of Voodoo

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Eight Voodoo Eyes of Papa Legba 

There isn’t a huge backstory to this piece.  The piece was created by one of the blood descendants of Maria Laveau.  She was born with natural abilities, which doesn’t come as a huge surprise, considering how powerful Marie Laveau was.  She asked us to withhold her name, so we are respecting her wishes, but we are offering this piece that she has made. It summons forth Papa Lega, who is the Loa stands at the gate between this world and the spirit realm.  All powers must past through, so he has infinite knowledge of magic. He can grant this magic to those who have something to offer him. Often times he tricks people into offering them his soul. That’s why we have this piece, though.  All the hard work has been done for you. This bracelet is a sterling silver bracelet of metaphysical power. It holds 8 Voodoo powers, called eyes, that Papa Lega will grant to those who wear the bracelet. To be clear, you must be wearing the bracelet in order to use the powers.  You will simply close your eyes and look into the Voodoo realm, calling upon Papa Legba to grant your magic. Here are the 8 Eyes that you get with this piece.  

  1.  Voodoo Wealth from all sources
  2. Voodoo Love-- to gain love or to fix a relationship
  3. Voodoo Mind Control
  4. Voodoo Awakening of the Senses & Third Eye Awakening
  5. Voodoo Revenge-- cast upon those who have done wrong to you
  6. Voodoo Protection-- protection from all evil forces
  7. Voodoo Spiritual Cleansing-- A Cleansing of the Soul by Voodoo Holy Fire
  8. Voodoo Destiny-- the ability create your own destiny through the powers of Papa Legba

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