Patron Saint:  Alchemy of the Soul

Patron Saint: Alchemy of the Soul

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We got this piece from the Underground Auction, so there was no actual investigation to get the piece. However, this is probably one of the more impressive pieces that we scored this year. That's because this piece is a bone relic and holds a real bone fragment of a saint called Saint Dunstan. Dunstan is known by the Hermeticists as the patron saint of alchemy. He was a renowned craftsman and goldsmith who practiced in Glastonbury.

During his tenure under King Aethelstan, Dunstan was accused of sorcery and studying heathen magic, but there is a huge difference between what Dunstan was practicing and what he was accused of practicing. You see, sorcery or heathen magic pretty much denotes that what he was doing was either dual magic or dark magic. For Dunstan, who later became the Archbishop of Canterbury, this was never an option. He was a God-fearing man. Everything he ever did was 100% complete white light magic.

Usually pictured with the infinity symbol that looks like a sideways figure 8, Dunstan was known in the magical circles as perfecting the art of white light alchemy of the soul. This particular magic was capable of granting mankind a very coveted ability. This coveted ability was probably what had Dunstan accused of sorcery in the first place. People hated him for perfected such a powerful form of magic and when he refused to and it out willy-nilly, then people go upset with him. However, God granted him strength and he did overcome.

This piece holds a fragment of St. Dunstan's bone. When you wear this piece his energies and knowledge will become your own. This doesn't happen overnight, as this is a very powerful ability that you are getting. It is a gradual change and a gradual acquisition of total knowledge. I'm not saying it is going to take years, but it will definitely take more than a couple of weeks for the complete process to be complete. This piece will grant you alchemy of the soul. This allows you to transform your mortal soul into that of a god on Earth. This means you will be able to use the white light magical flow off Heaven to manifest your own white light magic here on Earth. This magic ranges from spiritual healing to summoning angels, to holding the authority of demons and other enemies, to creating miracles, to being able to travel to Heaven, the list goes on and on and on. This piece has even been known o grant people immortality! That's what happens when you become a white light God on Earth!! It's like becoming part of the white light ascended masters without ever having to leave your body!

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