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This will be available on December 17th for viewing. The price is 250.00 and you will be either given a link or added to the viewers. Once you purchase you can view the video as often as you want to. You will be guided and can either watch the video or listen to it. I suggest you watch it first and then relax and let it happen.

You MUST be over 18 to purchase this video!! There will be heavy sexual content in the video!

You may buy the video now but it will not be available until December 17th.

Nymphadora is doing them and to watch her just go to my youtube channel and type in Nymphadora and you can watch her talk about these. Those video's are free, the astral sex video is not! Some are asking about in person coaching and that is available but it is also very expensive and we are booking fast on those. Most week days are already booked with only a few days left. I thougfht weekends would be booked first but those are available!

To be clear. When you buy this you are getting a video that you can watch whenever you want to. You will be having astral sex and you can have it with multiple partners and even creatures. We encourage your thoughts and experiences after you use it. Enjoy.

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